Juco pitcher mecs

front and side view. any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Let me start by saying that your mechanics overall look pretty good.

I would like to see you stay closed with your shoulders a bit longer. It looks as though your front side starts to open early mainly due to a little lack of glove control.

What do you see as your need for areas of improvement, ie. Velo, control, etc.?

thanks Turn 22,
definitely velo, i was last gunned in may and was 80-82. are there any drills or anything you know of to practice this?

I like to have my pitchers do stride drills. These are simple but I find them effective.

When doing stride drills make certain your shoulders are closed off at the start. When delivering the ball concentrate on good and explosive shoulder turn.

Following stride drills I like to have my guys go from the stretch and again pause at stride point to “check” their positioning. After a few reps of pausing, checking, then delivery, they will go all the way through their motion without pause. If the arm drags or they go back to opening up too soon, start again.

Hope that helps.

thanks! anyone else see anything?