JT Lefty Pitching Analysis

Jackson, lefty, age 16 pitching, first video is a nice looking strike. Second is a ball. What is he doing differently that causes the pitch to miss high and outside? Thank you.

Most arm side misses, for both righties and lefties, are caused by the arm dragging, or being late. Another way to think about it, is he doesn’t get the ball out in front of his body at release. Two points to watch for. 1 does he get the ball out of his glove on time? ( hand separation). 2 does he get to a good equal/opposite position at foot strike?

Thank you. Would I assume correctly that it’s an adjustment with the front side that would cause the backside to correct?

In clip 2, I though possibly the glove hand wasnt’ raised as much and the front hip/shoulder wasn’t pointed at target as much (ie not quite turned as much away vs clip 1) so these front side issues caused the arm to be late/timing slightly off?

Looking at the videos a little closer, it appears he shortens his stride and quits on the finish of the release. The first clip, he strides a bit further and gets over his front knee a little more. You could try having him work on his leg drive down the mound and getting his chest over his front knee with the ball out in front. Someone posted a picture of Clemens at his release, and think they called it the Clemens triangle? That is what he should be shooting for.

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Hi Guys,

I have slowed down his video and looked at his mechanics frame by frame comping both videos side by side. All movements mirror each other except at the highest point of leg lift. In the top video, his foot and knee are at a 90 degree angle and the sole of his foot is facing the ground at the highest point of leg lift. Comparing this to the 2nd video he is bringing his heel in close to his drive leg at the highest point of leg lift . A few things come to mind and that is his timing and rhythm. Now the biggest questions 1. Did he rush his delivery on the 2nd video? If so why? 2. Was this 2 fastballs? 3. If he threw 2 different pitches, not only is his timing and rhythm different, he is also tipping his pitches. 4. If these were 2 fastballs, then I go back to timing and rhythm.

Hope this helps
Steve C

Thank you. Both fastballs, top clip is full windup, bottom clip is out of the stretch w runner on.