Jpm pitching log

165 lbs
fastball, curve, change

perfect mechanics for better velocity and control
curve and change command
be 180 for my Junior year

All of these goals seem very reachable for me. I am looking forward to achieving them.

Was sick all of last week with the stomach flu. I am very weak. lost around ten pounds. I’m slowly going to work my way back into it.

We have a game today against a terrible team that is in our district. I’m working hard to try to get myself back into the swing of things. I have been eating like crazy to gain my weight back.
This has been a frustrating season but all the nonsense that has happened, mostly regarding my coach, just feuls me more to come back next season and make a statement.

I’m looking forward to it.


Today we had practice. Just a little throwing and took some cuts. Getting ready for playoffs.
Went to my pitching coach this evening. I threw to this kid in the cage. After one at bat, my coach told me to throw from lower. When he demonstrated this, he was throwing side armed.
I immediatly was mad because I do not want to become a sidearmed pitcher. I threw some like that and the ball felt great coming out of my hand. The kid batting said the pitch was at least 10mph faster with nasty movement.
My coach then asked me, "where do you think your armslot is on these throws?"
I said sidearm, maybe even lower.
But, he said my armslot was 3/4 and sure enough, looking at the film, it was.

As I thought I remembered back a few years. My armslot has always been 3/4. But when I started playing quarterback (which I recently quick), I was throwing more over the top.

I felt great throwing with my natural arm slot again. I am really feeling confident.
Can’t wait to keep working!

Hey buddy - How you feeling? Any better since last week?

I’m doing a lot better. I feel like I am back 100% stamina wise. I’ve gained 5 pounds back fairly quickly, but I’m still trying to get my strength back.

Thanks for asking!

First playoff game tomorrow!
Went to my pitching coach today. Had a nice workout.
Things I have been working on:
1.) not letting my body get infront of my arm
2.) letting my arm fall into my natural armslot (3/4)
3) shortening my stride

I’m up to 162 lbs. So I’m slowly gaining my weight back.

I went and worked with my pitching coach today. I’m real happy with how I have been throwing the ball lately. All the hard work I have been putting in for over a year is starting to pay off. It just feels like everything is starting to come together.
I’m going to just keep working to achieve my goals.
2nd round playoff game on Tuesday.

Well, not the best day today. We were eliminated from the playoffs. The season is over.

However, the end of one season is the beginning of another for me.
I am going to keep working hard like I did all last year.
By next year, I am going to be an everyday starter in the outfield and be in the pitching rotation. I am going to make sure that my coach HAS to put me in the lineup.

No one will work harder than me and no one is going to stop me from achieving my goals.

Great attitude, JPM. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

Well, tonight we had a game. We lost the game, but I played well.
In the last inning, I got my chance to pitch:
0H 0BB 3K
I’m very happy that I did well when given an opportunity. I just need to keep playing well so that coach feels like he HAS to have me in the rotation if we want to win…

Little improvements everyday.

I am really going to start using this log to my advantage…

Currently I am:
6’3 and 175 pounds

I’ve hit a little growth spurt, about half an inch in three weeks!! My goal was to be 180 by the start of my junior season, but I think I’ll make this goal

I’m really feeling comfortable as a pitcher right now. Both physically and mentally. These last few months I have really improved my mental game. I’ve read the Mental ABCs of pitching, and I believe I have become a stronger pitcher because of it.

This weekend I am going to my first showcase. I’m really looking forward to it! It will be a good chance to get my name out there. This is sort of the beginning of the process of getting a chance to play at the next level. It will be lots of fun.