Joy of Pitching

I love pitching. At 61 years of age I feel fortunate to be able to get out and throw my heart out. I love a quick inning. I love battling even if my stuff is not the best. I love the working out so that I can keep it going. I love throwing bullpens. I love striking out a hitter with runners on 2nd and 3rd. I really love when an outfielder makes a diving catch, and of course I love the double play. But most of all I love fist pumping my teammates after the final out of a game.
I play for 4 different teams. 2 in Michigan, A tournament team from NYC and another a California team. There is much more to love about pitching. I would love to hear from some others as to what they love about pitching
Chris S

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There is a guy named Randy in this article about Power-Pronation who uses the throwing technique: he is 62-years-old and throws upwards of 87 mph (he tells me). Check it out and you can see why supination before pronation is useful in reducing stress on the inner elbow while throwing:

That is super cool. Pitching is the best. It’s cool that you can play at that age, not many can do that. My favorite thing is probably a strikeout on a fastball.

Thanks, yes a strikeout on a fastball is really nice, specially a 3rd out

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My favorite thing about pitching is throwing a nasty curveball that starts in the middle/high part of the zone and ends bouncing on the front of the plate to get a swinging strike 3

Had some pitching joy this weekend, only a scrimmage but i closed it out with an 8 pitch inning, got the last on a swing and miss with a low change, joyful!

Anyone else have some? Would love to hear