Journeys Along the Way

A baseball life isn’t all about bases and scoreboards, stats and the like. There’s a lot of life experiences that make the journey worthwhile. Here are some of my experiences.

It was a family day cookout at the field and I offered to help some of the younger kids enjoy a game of beanbag tossing. The little tikes aged in range form 4 to 9. One of the little girls seemed reserved and to herself. I offered her a beanbag to toss by she refused. I asked why a such a pretty little girl was so sad, and she replied that her gold fish died. “ Oh I’m sorry”, I said. The kid next to her says that her fish is in heaven. Then he says - which totally surprised me, “when we die we all go to heaven.” The kid then pauses then says, “ all except Buster”.
I should have kept my mouth shut but I asked, “ what’s wrong with Buster?” The kid said that Buster was his dog that chased cars. “Buster caught a car last week and now he’s dead. He’s not in heaven, he’s just very quiet now”.

I was counting tickets one night with a teammate and we kept on getting each other confused with the count. I’d be counting 235,236,237 then he would mutter under his breath - across the room say 185,186… then I’d be 238, 187, 188 … ahawww man! Finally out of frustration, I moved across the room and around the corner. Sitting in the next room were a couple of teammates watching the local news. So, 234, 235 ,236 … “and tonight’s winning lottery numbers are 15 - 22 - 28 -35 -40 and 41.

236, 237, 41 , 42 , 43 … :eek:

Pinups were never really a problem in any of the clubhouses that I’ve been with. Mainly because there wasn’t the wall space. On one club, we had a minister one season that use to wish us well from above and it was kinda nice to watch. He also brought his oldest son into the locker room when he did his thing. As things would have it, a calendar did pop up here and there when ever a sales rep would wonder through. Nothing over the top, just a little thing that we use to call “ cheese cake”.
Well, leave it to a ballplayer to adapt. When the minister and his boy would come by, this guy would cutout the faces of Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Fields and other food brand ladies, and scotch tape their faces on the young ladies in pose.
Our club manager was a little embarrassed so he apologized to the minister - only to hear in return that it wasn’t a big deal, maybe even beneficial. When the minister was asked how so, his reply was that perhaps his son would be paying a lot more attention to breakfast, dinner and supper! :cap:

We had a vendor come into the old park that we called home for a while to put non-skid runners on all the wooden stairs. Those stairs had received layers and layers of battleship grey paint and when they were wet they were a bit slippery. In all truthfulness, the insurance company sent a safety expert to give the old place the once over and this guy was a walking safety machine. If it had to do with “watch out!!”, this guy was the go to man. Be careful of this, be careful of that, don’t touch this - don’t even breath. After approving the work on the stairs, he then sat down on a bench and started to lecture us on why it was so important to be mindful of what’s going on around us. “Pay attention” was his motto.
As he asked us if there were any questions, he starts to get up and finds it difficult to separate himself from the bench. One of our guys touts up from the back - “careful, that’s wet paint.” :eek:

Two of our guys were dating the same girl at the same time. One finally won the young ladies heart and the man proposed, she accepted and they planned their wedding day for a ballpark event.
The bride and groom were introduced in public for the first time as Mr and Mrs by the teammate that she didn’t pick. So, he introduced the bride with eloquence and style … then he introduced the groom this way … AND NOW PINCH HITTING FOR …(his number) …IS … :greenwink:

Coach B.


Are those stories all true,
Coach Baker?


Hilarious stuff, Coach B…I especially liked the safety inspector’s encounter with wet paint and 2nd-place Romeo’s gracious, funny words in defeat.

One of the best parts of being part of a team—shared memories like the ones you describe.

[quote=“laflippin”]Hilarious stuff, Coach B… 2nd-place Romeo’s gracious, funny words in defeat.

That was my favorite one.
Actually, they’re all funny.