Journey to the Pros

Hello guys, it’s today (2/2/18), 4 days before freshman baseball tryouts I’ve decided too become a serious athlete of baseball. I’d like to reach atleast D1 or D2 and hopefully some sort of position in the pros. It seems optimistic as I’m only average now, but if I put in the work results are bound to come.

Heres a brief introduction:

Name: Paul
Height: 5 foot 6.5
Weight: 138 lb’s
Pitches: 4 seam, 2 seam, changeup, curve
Velocity: 61-64 top 65 (3 months ago)
Posistions: RHP, Catcher, 2nd Base, and shortstop.

Short Term Goals

  1. Make the freshman team
  2. Begin to seriously work at my baseball game
  3. Get back to full health before the seasons gets to full swing.
  4. Get to 145-150 lb’s before full swing of season.
  5. Reach high 60’s to low 70’s by end of season with small in season workouts.
  6. Update this log every day.

Long Term

  1. Play college baseaball at a D1 or D2 level
  2. Possibly a professional level if things go well in highschool.

Update #1:

Still bouncing back from a minor setback. With highschool tryouts this year, we decided to rent a cage to get some serious pitching in and I didn’t build up properly to a mound and got hurt. It wasn’t serious and is almost 100% healed now, 4 days before tryouts. I went to throw 30 flatground today, control and velocity was a problem. Only hitting 51-54 and had some control issues. Going to hit the gym and throw a little for the next few days to get that strength back for tryouts. Took some good reps today, getting used to a new wood bat. Didn’t do much practice past few days with my arm, hopefully to be at 100% strength and healed by tryouts

Thanks for reading,

That’s a great “Plan A”

I would suggest you have a “Plan B”
-Get good grades - So you can get into a good college
-Figure out a career path, assuming a career in baseball is unlikely.
-Be a "Good person and strong values, so you are employable.

Back to “Plan A” work hard, have fun and stay healthy.

Thanks, I do have one: I have and would like to maintain a 3.83 gpa this year and would like to place into all advanced and ap sophomore year. As for careers: I’m interested in computer science or engineering science.emphasized text

Bunyan236, good for you and keep up the good work. You will do well whether A or B happens

Thanks for the kind words.

I’ve posted remarks and my suggestions on this topic in prior posts - not all that encouraging I will admit. BUT, I did so with the hopes of informing youngsters like yourself of the harsh realities of this business and what awaits you.

Ok, ok… enough of the downer-stuff, let’s get to some information that’ll help you and will assist your fact-finding.

First off, you’ll want to talk to someone who’s been there … even better yet, someone that still is. So, first I suggest this:
Look for an Independent Professional League ball club and attend one of their games if you can. In any event,
call up that club’s web site and find out who the manager is. Send that manager a letter outlining your interests in professional baseball and ask him if he can spare some time to talk with you. If he can, prepare a list of questions to ask. If he can see you, be reasonable on the time and place that he’s available. While at this meeting. ask your questions, then sit back and listen - DON’T TAKE NOTES. Just listen and get an idea of the environment that he’s trying to get across to you.
Why an Independent League club? Because these guys have the time, where MLB club personnel doesn’t. Besides, coaches in that business - Independent Leagues, really appreciate someone like yourself who takes an interest in sharing some of their time and experiences. Not all mind you… of course, but enough to make it worth while to try.

If this doesn’t pan out for whatever reason(s), there’s a video that you should watch called “Playing for Peanuts.” ( language is a little dicey at times) and “time in the Minors”. They’re both an eye opener, believe me. So, here they are::

Best wishes on you journey.
Coach B. (retired)

Thanks for the help.

As of today, I only did some flat ground pitching. I throw 35, velocity and control was lacking. I had a little arm pain so I stopped and iced. It went away and I’d say my arm will be fine within another week or two, I only need to do heavy throwing for another day or two than tryouts, my school does bullpen twice a week and I should have 5 days between sessions of 60ish pitches, if I make the team or my club doesn’t start until late March. I should be 100% healhy soon and I can’t wait. I did some tee work and felt like I was hitting it pretty well, worked on pulling low pitches and hitting a ball where it’s pitched as an instructor told me instead of forcing it somewhere.

Today first cuts came out, I made it with 29 other freshman. Considering the rather big freshman year roster, only 6-8 more are being cut and I think I might make it at the moment.

CONGRATS!! You’re on your way!

This is your first big tryout and cut process. Take a picture of you now, with the date. Hang that picture up somewhere. It will be your reminder of just how hard you worked and tried to do the best you could at this stage of your baseball experience. So, every time things go south… just a bit, you can look back at that picture and remind yourself of … YOU GOT BETTER DAYS A COMING!