Journey to 105

Hey Guys,

After reading some of the logs here, I think it would be benificial for me to start one. Some info:

14 turn 15 next week
Cruise 70-72 Max 75
6’1 170
12-6 Curve
Running Sinking Changeup
Sinking 4 and 2 seam Fastball
2012 Grad

I have never been serious about baseball before this summer. Always loved it more than anything, but never realizing what it would take to be the best. I played on a 18u travel team in the summer. We played in some great D1 and minor league stadiums. Suprisingly enough I did pretty well as the closer, striking out some 2008 draftees along the way. Used the fastball changeup combo well to get outs.

In the spring I was the #1 for the freshman team at a big 5A school. 2 poor starts reduced me to the bullpen, and at the end of the season was cut from the summer team.


Throw 85 by February (Tryouts)
Make varsity
1st team All-County

School starts tommorrow and I am doing baseball weight training class for the first time. Also plan on throwing everyday. I will try to post everyday.
1st team all county

Just a thought before playing catch tommorrow…

Should the ball be pointing up toward the sky when extended behind you?

I saw Chris O’Leary’s Analysis of Tim Lincincum’s mechanics and that is what appeared to be going on.

Wow busy week.

Weight training is going great and I think working out will really help. Threw some long toss, but was getting a little under it too much. Changeup was getting good sink, but curveball stinks.

My stride needs more length.

Look forward to working hard this weekend.

I started the ■■■■■■■■■■■ workouts today (no hit against Steven’s workouts, just saw this one first) and felt good. After playing catch, I just feel the ball coming out better.

Since it was just an informal catch session, I worked on getting proper spin on the ball, and ending up throwing some pretty nasty 12-6’s. Tommorrow during the bullpen, I will try to transer these spins to the mound.

On a side note, tommorrow is my 15th birthday, so let’s hope for one of those magical “growth-puberty-velocity spurts of 8 mph” tommorrow :smiley:

Good Quote: " When you try hard, you die hard!"

Threw well today. Feel physically stronger.

Tricep Work
Step Ups

Alottt of Core Work

and Yoga stretching

Can’t wait to feel sore tommorrow :smiley:
Something about the feeling gets me going

We did various clean work in the weight room today.

Snatches were kind of difficult, but work on my form helped.

Threw a 20 pitch bullpen and my velocity feels good. Need to get gunned soon.

I found out we have two freshmen coming in who both throw 85, so it should fun at tryouts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rained her so I couldn’t throw.

Worked on following through with the towel drill, however.

Did my daily core/90 mph workouts/Throwers 10

Average, boring day.

How do you like that yoga work? What are some if the positions/exercises that you’re doing … or are you taking a class? Keep up the good work, am enjoying your log.


I actually got most of the yoga poses from an article I read on your website a while back. I think it was called “Power Poses for Pitchers”

Along with regular stetching and a few other poses I reasearched, my flexibility has improved well. And considering I am working out with weights hard for the first time, the stretches keep me loose.

So, thanks :smiley:

As for today, I did (short) long toss to the major league standard 120 feet.
This was because my partner was tired and couldn’t do true long toss.
The past throwing sessions, I’ve done the Jaeger long toss method and am hitting spots better, faster pitching, etc.

Strong advocate of the program.

On a bad note, I got moved from baseball specific weight training to football weight training, due to some schedule conflicts. I will try to stay smart in there while lifting. And plus, we still have baseball conditioning after school.

And, 1 more thing I’d like to mention…at the Aflac Game the other day, I really liked the guy Stetson Allie. He carries himself well and throws 100 mph?..what?

Hopefully, one day I will be better than him.

Nice, I remember … I think it was (is still?) on my blog.

Keep working hard. Sounds great!

Today was a heavy legs day, so I couldn’t get under them when doing my long toss. So I ended that early to save up for a hard practice tommorrow.

Batting practice was good. Took the ball the other way with power.

Good day.


Warming up for practice, I long tossed the farthest I ever had. I don’t know if it is from throwing more often, weight traing, or bands, but I’ll take it. Pulling down felt really good, and I finally felt that “massage” Jaeger talks about.

During our live BP, I couldn’t transfer all of that velocity to the mound. This shows my mechanics are off. This week I think I’ll substitute a few long toss sessions for bullpens. Still everyone was saying I threw harder than before, so I’ll take the gains in stride.


Wanted to rest my arm after yesterday, so no throwing. Took BP and did my bands. Now off to study for my AP test. It’s a hard course.

We did:

Power Cleans
Step Ups
Nose Breakers

All were 4 sets of 6-10

Threw long toss again and felt great. I am never sore after giving full max long toos as opposed to being sore after a bullpen. It’s strange. Most likely its my mechanics which I will try to get a video of soon for help.

People I have been emulating are Tim Lincecum, Trevor Bauer, and Micheal Pallazone.

I also started to log my velocities down., so I will get gunned tommorrow for a fresh reading.

Power Clean
Lat Pulldowns
Calf Raises
High Pulls

Dripping at the end of this one. Was proud of my work.

Threw my bullpen fairly hard, confident I reached high 70’s. Asked the coach what I hit and he said…69.

WOW :evil:

The guy after me got mid-70’s when he is a known low-mid 80’s guy, so the gun might be wrong.

Still, I never EVER want to see a number that low coming from my pitching again. I’m ashamed to throw that slow.

And if I havent clarified the name of the thread, 107 mph is the point where your forearm snaps off. So 105 is my stopping goal of velocity.

Power Cleans
Snatch and Squat
Clean and Jerk (2 Styles)
Clean and Press

It was mostly a teaching lesson today about form

I was really tired today so I took a nap and felt refreshed. No throwing as today was my 1 day off per week, just so I don’t burn out.

The JV coach approached me and said he wanted me to throw him a bullpen so he can look me over. Apperantly the other coaches told him everything about me and he wants to help so I don’t get cut like I did from the summer team. Sounds good.

Today was a light day

Nose Breakers
Tricep Work
Lat Pulldowns
Core Work

Threw some catch, but was kind of sore. Probobly overdid the throwing on Tuesday.

Today was a really bad day.

At practice my swings were good, hitting was good.

But the trouble began when I threw long toss to warm up. I couldn’t air it out like last week.My arm fell slow and sluggish during pull down. It felt like was jerking my head down. Overall my mechanics just didn’t feel smooth.

During my live BP, I struck out 2, got 3 GB and 1 PO. 1 hit allowed.
Although I got outs, I was mentally weak and my mechanics were just AAGGHH.

To flush out my bad day, I ran about a mile, and then iced, which I rarely do.

Tonight I will do my Throwers 10, ■■■■■■■■■■■, and core. Will also study some more Lincecum and Bauer.

I lightly tossed today, and was still tender. Also did some light tubing.

Plan on cooling down this week and building up more gradually.

Did core work and not much else. Did yoga while watching LLWS.

Today was my one day a week rest for the arm.

In weight training we did:
Power Cleans
Front/Lateral Raises
Military Press

About 5 sets of 10 each

After school baseball we did our pushup routine and med ball.

Was going to take BP but the softball team had to use the cage.

Daily throwers 10.

Also started doing a routine where everytime I enter or leave my room, I do 10 situps. About 600 done btween today and yesterday.

I think I figured out my problem.

I have changed my mechanics to the point where I scap load to an “Inverted W” position. Looking through previous pictures, I had been nicely in the “W” position. Will work on this.

Weight training we did a whole tutorial on squatting, so not much hard work. Just form.

Took BP after school and swung well.

I have practice at 7:30, but am writing now because I won’t have time later. I will continue to try to post everyday.