Joshua Giles of "pitch harder." Legit or a scam


Have any of y’all trained with this program called Pitch Harder and it is owned by Joshua Giles. Just recently I sent $200 to him from TX to Florida because he claimed we can train even though we aren’t in the same state. It seemed promising but know I am having second thoughts I whether I was tricked. I also send a video analysis that he said he would look at.


I’ve personally never heard of this program. I recently got TuffCuff pitching program and I can confirm with TuffCuff that is a legitimate program. It is a 170 page book with some really good content. But as far as this pitcher harder program, I’d be careful.


Here’s an old thread from LTP about the program. I’d say proceed with caution.


Are you literally asking that question? The dude was on ESPN, News channels and newspaper. You didn’t look there before posting this? Hmmm…From what i heard outside of sports He has the most successful gym in Palm Beach with the richest peeps in the nation if that tells you anything. I know superstar players in MLB that use this guy on retainer and he even has exclusives and consulting for the top teams. Im in florida where this guy is and his name is huge in palm beach county all the way to miami dade. All the high school, travel ball and colleges uses him. Literally dude five mins of searching could have found this


Lol, think again bud. I’ll take your word for it since you live in Florida but the fact that when I search his name, he isn’t even the top result, it looks kind of suspicious especially for someone who is supposed to be “famous” as you claim. Also, anyone can go claim to be on ESPN so you have to be careful of that. I have seen plenty of sites claim to be on ESPN and many of them lack any proof. In fact, I just spent 5 mins again like you claimed and I found ZERO things about him being on ESPN so… Like I said, I’ll take your word, I am not trying to be rude or anything to you but he asked a perfectly fair question.


I was suspicious of this guy because when we talked he claimed he trained all these guys. Ranging from professional athletes to even CELEBRITIES. I was really surprised but at the same time suspicious of if this sounds too good to be true. He even told me on text message he trains FLOYD MAYWEATHER. And thats where I got really suspicious. I did find one news report though where he talked about his gym and that he trained Manny Ramirez. The news must be a local news for the Palm Beach, Florida area. You can look it up on youtube but you have to type REALLY specific in the search engine. In case you want to know, he did get upset with me when i found this review I put up.


lol. supposed to be? If you looked at google properly you would see the news. He has the number one gym on the isalnd of palm beach. Do you even know what palm beach is?? The richest most influeential people and celebrities in the world. Uh, yeah. thats classified as celebrities…


why would it be suspicious? ask him to prodcue some proof. not hard. you do know floyd and his people live and train in palm beach county when in town. see even you found the news report with manny. my point proven. give someone benifit of doubt esp if there is substance. who wouldnt get upset? mateo your probally a kid that has alot of growing up to do.


You’ve been bamboozled by:


You’re correct. I’m just 18 years and I Still have a lot to learn. Me, I live on a the rez. Do u even know what a “rez” is?? It’s the one of the poorest places in America. No celebrities here with money like in Palm Beach. And you’re talking to me like I’m an idiot and i don’t know anything. Josh told me i don’t know anything but y’all don’t know the struggle i used to go through. I found Josh so i can get better at baseball and possibly get a scholarship but it simply didn’t work out. Thanks to a lot of factors. After school, i go to work and so i can pay for things i want to do (my mom helps rarely). Which in turn, took up my time to train. It was unfortunate but i had to sacrifice and it turned out well. If you were in my situation would MAKE SURE a man saying his program is the real deal and could help you get a scholarship with his training? I think u would. I didn’t mean any harm doing this i just wanted to MAKE SURE i was spending my money on something that could TRULY help me. I accept i was wrong and I apologize to josh. But telling me to grow up??? I think i have grown up a lot actually. I got a academic scholarship to texas tech with the help of myself. I did that ALL BY MYSELF. I’m pretty sure I’ve grown up a lot actually if I’m able to do that by myself.


And this is not some bs excuse. I’m pretty sure u wouldn’t be able to do the things I did, honestly…