Josh Beckett


wow thats an old one. is it possible to put a new one side by side to see if hes changed anything?

Yeah i made this one because he was throwing 101 in this clip

I was watching Josh Beckett saturday againest the rays and he changed his delivery. He didn’t take the ball out of his glove during the leg lift. He instead moved his glove up and down with the ball still in it. I also saw Josh Beckett, who has made great strides as a Pitchersince being drafted in 1998, become able to succeed without a good fastball. He will be successful baring injury in the majors without a mid 90s fastball.

1. Where does he take the ball outta his glove during the leg lift in this clip?

2. More like survived through 5 innings without a fastball.

you can’t see it in this one but in his season with boston watch very closely when he is lifting his leg and when his foot hits his knee. He barely takes it out

Gave up 2 runs in 5 innings against an extremely hot lineup. Sounds pretty good to me peavy. Sure he didn’t have his best fastball, but if any of you have ever had an oblique injury, you’d know why. Extremely painful.

Hammer - true the box score shows that he did pretty good, but watching him he just wasn’t there. I’m not going to argue because his line was great, but it wasn’t the true Beckett (thanks to his oblique).