Jose Offerman

ok is this guy a complete idiot or what? for those who haven’t heard about it yet, Jose Offerman hit the pitcher and the catcher after he was hit by a pitch. in Offerman’s first AB he cranked a home run. so his 2nd AB, the pitcher threw a slider for strike 1, then the next pitch was a slider that hit Offerman in the calf. ok if a pitcher is gonna intentionally hit someone, its not gonna be a slider at their calf. well Offerman ended up giving the catcher a concussion and gave the pitcher a broken finger. he got 2 assault charges filed against him. Jose Offerman deserves every bit of the punishment he gets.

i forgot to add he hit the pitcher and the catcher with his bat

yeah, i heard about that, that was a ridiculously stupid and dangerous thing to do. If the catcher hadn’t grabbed the bat as he went to swing, and took it in head, he could have killed that pitcher. Regardless, its a terrible thing for Offerman, the pitcher & catcher, and baseball.

couldnt agree with you more. its a shame baseball has guys like Offerman that have to do stupid things like this. but i respect the catcher for standing up for his teammate…although it gave him a concussion. still a pretty brave thing to do.

When i watched, i didn’t hear them say which hand it was. Was it on his throwing hand that the pitcher’s finger was broken?

i dunno. i think it was on his pitching hand though.

When i first heard this i thought.

Jose Offerman still plays baseball? I remember when he played for the sox, and was too old and they let him go. I have no idea how many years ago was that, but to still be playing dammmm.

Anyway that is terriable. We’ll proabably never no if the pitcher threw at him on purpose if he did thats bad to after a homerun, kindof a dumb reason to throw at someone though it happens. But it really doesnt matter Offerman shouldn’t have acted the way he did.

i honestly dont think that pitcher threw at Offerman on purpose because he hit him in the calf with a slider. i know if i was trying to hit someone i wouldnt throw a slider at their calf lol

heard he caught on with Long Island Ducks (IND)