Jose Canseco part II: "Vindicated"

Mr. Canseco is releasing a new book in which he implicates more players and says that the Mitchell report is far from complete.

In interviews, A-Rod is implied as one of the targets. Marketing hype?
Canseco’s accusations have been true in the past…

Why wasn’t Palmeiro or McGwire mentioned in the Mitchell Report?

Due for release on opening day. Oh what a season it will be next year.

Jose…lookin for the dollah… :lol:

Well ok, I’ll bite. Ya know after looking and looking at the list…it looks to me like the vast majority of players were severely injured and apparently attempting to recuperate in a more rapid manner…Heck Jose admitted thats where he was…debilitating back issues would have had him out of the league way before he normally would have gone. This is where I think MLB is complicit in the whole ugly mess. This is why I think Hammer has a reason to be pissed…if normal attrition would have occured, the base rotation of players would have been higher and more guys would have gotten their shot. MLB and their bean counters wanted known entities so (I know this is supposition, but what the heck) it’s a lot easier to take back a veteran returning from injury than to take a chance on an unknown prospect…also consider the agents…if that injured star doesn’t get back, his 10% is history…and T.V./media? They wanted star power to put eyes on the TV set…not some up and commer who might go 0-4 on national TV…instead of homers. This imo is why the problem hasn’t been cured…A smart group of guys who didn’t get their shot would likely get a fat settlement if they got some hotshot lawyer to class action sue for collusion…ain’t no way MLB/Agents/Media is gonna let that fart get aired.
This is also why I have mercy of the “Cheaters”…they ain’t rocket scientists…there a bunch of ball players who haven’t done anything else and were looking at having to get a job in the real world… a scarey proposition from their perspective…throw in all that veiled encouragement and what would any person do? I think they’d try to get back on the field. The modern world is a complex meanassed place, rarely are situations so simple as just “He cheated”…MLB is BIG buisness if they would have wanted it stopped it would have stopped…Urine tests pretty much stopped casual drug use in the work place, they only have…what 2000 players at best…with all their money they could have said we’re putting the hairy eye-ball on you millionairs and if you don’t like it go sell shoes…it would have stopped…they didn’t want it to and it didn’t.

didn’t Jose try at one point to make a comeback as a knuckleballer

I believe so he played in an independent league in San Diego…