Jon Lester

I know you’re not supposed to copy someone’s style of pitching. But I’m going to, atleast temporarily, say “screw it” to the rule. I need a video of Jon Lester’s mechanics. It is so simple and efficient. IT would be wicked to have a picture of Lesters 2seam, sinker, and cutter grips if there are pictures availible. IF your going to copy, why not copy greatness.

can’t really tell but this looks like his cutter grip



Not to trash Jon here but IMO it looks like he has a high elbow.

[quote=“futureKazmir”]can’t really tell but this looks like his cutter grip

I really thought the first one might have been his curveball grip, so once again Lester either throws a 2seamer/sinker depending on who u ask?

Uhh… reality check?

Lester’s is a mighty fine pitcher, but greatness?

Why not copy Zumaya or Wagner, they throw high 90’s?

Don’t bother with Maddux, he throws so slow IMO.

Pitching mechanics are not neccesarily about copying your idol EVEN IF they have the most amazingly efficient, simple, dynamic mechanics that a chimpanzee ever layed eyes on, it’s about what you as an individual who is in no way related to your idol to find what’s comfortable for you. From there, you can make adjustments and to get better.

Just do what you’re cool and comfortable with. If you find that replicating Lester’s mechanics work for you, go ahead. Just do what you gotta do.

Peace out. :wink:

Haha BoSux hater here very biased but I gotta admit that he’s real good. 5 years like this he’s greatness though.

On the mechs - I’ve kinda copied Peavy (but I do stay closed mind you) in a way that I go over my head, high leg kick, nothing beyond the basics. He has a fluid motion but yeah I know he’s not the greatest with non-injury prone mechs. Still, go with what fits you.

"Why not copy Zumaya or Wagner, they throw high 90’s?

Don’t bother with Maddux, he throws so slow IMO."

When I read this statement I literally laughed out loud. Doesn’t it look funny? Is there any sense to it at all? The funny thing about it, it doesn’t look like he’s joking. In case you didn’t know, or probably because your too young, Maddux use to throw in the low nineties, has won several cy youngs, and is the 8th winningest pitcher of all time. In other words, he may be the best pitcher of our generation without the use of performance enhancing drugs.

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]Why not copy Zumaya or Wagner, they throw high 90’s?

[/quote]Because Lester throws high 90s too, and he’s not out with a arm injury, like Wagner

… I was wondering if any of you would catch my sarcasm. :dizzy:

I was just kidding. Maddux is just so fundamentally sound, the others guys, not so much.

And Hammer I kinda sense you’re condesending to me. Maybe it’s because my sarcastic response made me sound like an idiot, but yeah, I don’t know everything and I probably don’t even know that much, but I know about Greg Maddux and many other pitchers.

Trillions of books could be written about baseball, and there still would be more to know. Be a student of the game.

I didn’t recognize that you were being sarcastic. It wasn’t exactly easy to pickup, someone else didn’t catch it either. Not sure what this has to do with being a student of the game, but cool man.

Uhhmmm… well…

We’re tight. :drunkard:

Right on brother! My bad for jumpin the gun!