Jon Lester

Doesn’t matter what team you cheer for, you have to give this man credit. He made a full recovery from cancer, pitched through the adversity of having most of Redsox Nation (Sadly including me) questioning whether he was ever going to be a quality major leauge pitcher, and has become the Redsox ace and one of the best lefties in the game.

Look at his stats, 10-3/3.14/101K/146IP/1.31Whip. Those are Allstar stats, #1 worthy, and remarkable for a guy in his situation. Not only have his stats come along way, but hes advanced a ton as a pitcher, going from a guy who always gets behind to a guy who attacks hitters from the first pitch. And his stuff itself has been much better as he got his legs and body back. Last year he was like 87-90mph 4-Seamer, mid 80’s cutter, good curve, but little command with any of them. This year hes 92-95 4-Seamer, throws a high 80’s cutter thats regarded as one of the best in the game, same good curve, and the ability and aggresiveness to throw them where he wants.

Just had to make this post to draw attention to a guy who doesn’t get much attention, even in his own rotation (Beckett, Dice-K) but has quietly become one of the best in the game.

Agreed. What do you say #2 behind Lance Armstrong? I don’t think you can beat his story but that won’t be broken for many years.

or that Davis guy from Arizona. What he’s have a like 15% of ever playing baseball again and look at him know

Yea, people will say that “Oh he had like a 99% survival rate”. I dont care, especially after he went out and pitched that game a couple days before he went to get chemotherapy, that was pretty brave of him.

And yea, Lance is going to be the number one story for quite a while, if you’ve ever actually read his books you would know how bad he was. Generous numbers gave him about a 2% survival rate, and with the damage done to his lungs from chemo/cancer nobody thought he was ever going to be able to go out and ride up a hill, let alone win 7 tour de frances. Alot of people say that he did something illegal to help him along, personally I dont care. He’s inspired MILLIONS of people to keep fighting, and that is far more important than any records he set in some sport.