Jon Doyle's Unbreakable ABs & SPARQ

Has anybody had any experience with either of these programs? I’m trying to increase pitching velocity, it’s just so weird… I am like the strongest player on my team (working out, lifting), but I am like the slowest thrower. When I pitch, my body doesn’t seem to really explode and my arm moves slow through the zone. I want to be explosive and look as if I’m trying to throw the ball hard when pitching. Please, any suggestions on either of these programs would be appreciated. I read the Unbreakable ABs web page and it has me convinced, but will it help me in pitching velocity?

OK, so I think I am going to get Unbreakable ABs and mix it with TuffCuff, and if I don’t like it, I hope his double-your-money-back guarantee is true. I hope Unbreakable ABs will help my pitching.

You can’t go wrong with Jon Doyle… He’s a great guy, very professional, and you should see results with the program.