Join Fantasy Baseball

Same exact settings as last year except I don’t like head to head so I might switch it to rotisserie

[quote]League ID: 66031
League URL:

If you can't register from that link this league should work



please don’t join if you don’t intend to keep your teams updated regularly. If I notice a team not being active I’m gonna boot you.

We will have a live draft, not sure when it will be just yet, probably on a weekend or early in the afternoon on a weekday (i work at night)

You will need a password to join…p.m. me if you want it.

I’m gonna cut the league off at 12 GM’s…possibly 10 but im leaning towards 12.

once again, please only join if you intend on participating regularly. Draft will be soon so CHECK YOUR EMAILS often. Probably only 24 hour notice