Johnny cueto


Does anyone have thoughts on how Cueto pitches. To be specific his different deliveries, release points, etc.
I know it isn’t the best thing to be changing all the time, but is it a bad idea to be like him in the sense that occasionally maybe you pause in the middle of the wind up. I have been experimenting with it and it hasn’t been bad,
(it also works because it’s impossible for me to tip pitches because I use almost the same 2 seam grip for my main 3)

For example I start my windup and then pause with my leg in the air and the ball still in my glove, then unload the ball. Or I pause with the ball out of the glove at about my side and then finish the pitch.

Basically like this without the shimmy
Thoughts on this kind of deception and if it works?


Queto throws 3/4. but does this help?


Deception is totally overrated if it impedes your ability to throw your hardest and locate your pitches. Generally, any pauses in the pitching delivery kill momentum and velocity.

Post some video of yourself and we can help provide more tailored advice.


There is a difference in stopping at the top and stalling. Cueto uses his hips and gets them going at the same point no matter what he does before hand. There has to be a mental cue in his mind with every different mechanical quirk. But as far as deception…are you trying to outthink the batter…because if your focus shifts to trick him then you have already given up a battle in your mind that he deserves to be tricked in the first place because you can’t compete with him straight up. Now flip the switch and understand that you use it for yourself to add flare or a personality to it…not to confuse the batter…that is just a byproduct of doing so.

It puts off an electric perception that you need not be overwhelmed with if you choose to do so. Fighting thoughts of everything else that have nothing to do with pitching just because you want to emulate someone else…is it worth wasting quality pitches just to ‘try’ and fool a guy.