John Doyle

I know this should be posted in the strengh and conditioning thread but i want as mant opinions as possible.

Does anyone know of John Doyles methods,has anyone tried his products, what were ur results I am strongly considering ordering his “unbreakable abs” program and just wanted some feedback first. Thanx

Forgot to add that i am thinking of also purchasing the TUFF CUFF book as well, idk maybe take the best from both and combine them

Lol. Don’t worry about it. I suspect his program is fine. I don’t know much about the guy or his experience. Let us know what you think if you try it. And if you try mine, let us know how it compares to my “core stabilization” program.

I’m pretty sure hoovedawg tried one of his programs (Think it was the unbreakable abs program).

However he hasn’t posted in a while, so I don’t know if he’ll see this.
Maybe PM him.

I regularly read Doyle’s blog. As well as many other baseball related blogs. He usually has some good stuff, with different articles by himself and others, possibly an exercise, I’ve even seen a “Power chile” recipe.

The “7 secrets of successful hitting free report” was a worthwhile read, and he points out some stuff I don’t necessarily think about when working on hitting.

As far as baseball specific although he does advertise his programs effective for all players, but I will point out Doyle was a hitter.
To my understanding, he is a strength and conditioning instructor, and hitting instructor primary.
He doesn’t really dip into the depths of pitching, which is fine, because there doesn’t seem to be that many guy’s with programs for fielders and hitters.

I expect Doyle’s programs to be good, for me at least, I would combine them with some more pitcher specific stuff, such as the new Tuff Cuff book, which I will be investing in shortly :-).

Edit: Fixed my pathetic grammar and wording.

he makes some good claims using it for a full 60 days and seeing gains as he claims it should be very interesting and if i am not satisfied i get double my money back