Johan Santana's Workout

Day 1: Lower body strength
Day 2: Bullpen power day, jump rope and upper body strength
Day 3: Bullpen touch and feel, lower body circuit and balance drills
Day 4: Med ball abs, conditioning [Johan chooses to shag fly balls during BP]

Day 1 is Johan’s most intense day, and it’s when the most progress occurs. The following exercises comprise the Cy Young winner’s Day 1 training.

Movement Prep

SciFit Pro II Warm Up

• Perform upper body and lower body rotations on SciFit Pro II machine
• Alternate 15 seconds of intense speed with 15 seconds of slower speed. Change direction of movement every 60 seconds

Alternative: Elliptical machine // Duration : 4 minutes
Castellano: This is a total-body warm-up to get his blood flowing before we move onto weights and other exercises.

Hurdle Mobility

Perform the following exercises over five consecutive hurdles.

Benefits: Improved balance, hip flexibility and coordination
Castellano: This is also like the pitching motion. Because much of the pitching motion is on one leg, balance is necessary. This works hip flexibility with balance as an added component.


Step over first hurdle with left leg; then in one movement, bring right leg over first and second hurdles. Continue pattern.


Stand with row of hurdles to left. Step over first hurdle with left leg, then right leg. Continue pattern. Repeat in opposite direction.

Lateral Kicks

With row of hurdles to your right and slightly in front of you, kick right leg over first hurdle, then left leg. Continue pattern. Repeat in opposite direction.


Stand with row of alternating high and low hurdles to your right. Step over first low hurdle with left leg, then right leg. Then step under and through second hurdle with right leg as you squat down; step left leg through second hurdle. Repeat over under pattern down length of hurdles.

Movement Prep Ankle Band Routine

Attach small band around ankles, then assume athletic stance. Perform the following drills for 10 paces with each leg.
Benefits: Glute, hip and leg strength and endurance
Castellano: These exercises strengthen the hip flexors and core, including the low back, which is necessary for baseball. We build from the ground up by working the triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip, which is just like a pitcher’s movement when he stands tall and then pushes off with one leg. I liken this and the pitching motion to getting out of a car; you get upright then push out all at once. A lot of things have to happen simultaneously.
Johan: I hate this. Look at me; I can barely walk when I’m done.

Straight Ahead

Step forward and 45 degrees right with right foot; repeat with left foot, but step left. Repeat set backwards.

Lateral Stepovers

Move laterally left by raising left leg up, over and out. Bring right leg up and over, then set it down next to left foot. Repeat set in opposite direction.


Perform Carioca by crossing trail foot in front, then behind lead foot. Repeat set in opposite direction.

Ground Balls

Perform Straight Ahead movement; but after each pace, bring feet to even stance, squat down, then reach to ground like you are fielding a ball. Repeat backwards.

MB Core Routine

Perform the following exercises with an eight pound med ball.
Castellano: We start simple, then get more complex with each exercise in this routine. We work the entire core—including the lower back—in every direction, especially with rotational movements. I like to have Johan standing in a weight-bearing position, because that’s how he pitches.
Johan: I hate the Russian Twist; it’s the hardest. But I like the Rotation Throws, because I get to throw the ball back at Mr. Perry very hard.

Med Ball Sit-Up with Toss

• As partner tosses ball to you, perform Sit-Up and throw ball back to him

Sets/Reps: 1x12

Russian Twist with Toss

• Sit on ground, cross ankles and elevate feet
• When partner tosses ball, catch it, and rotate right, then left so ball touches ground just outside of hips
• Throw ball back to partner

Sets/Reps: 1x12

Split-Stance Rotational Med Ball Throw

• Stand with split stance, left foot forward
• As partner throws ball from left, catch it, rotate left and throw it back
• Repeat with left leg forward and partner on right, then right leg forward with partner on right, then right leg forward with partner on left.

Sets/Reps: 1x12 each way

Reactive Med Ball Sit-Ups

• With partner in front of you and placing his hands at different locations above you, perform Sit-Ups and touch med ball to his hands

Sets/Reps: 1x20

Strength Training

Leg Press

• Assume position on Leg Press machine with feet slightly wider than hip distance and toes pointing out slightly
• Lower weight sled with control until knees are bent 90 degrees
• Drive weight up by extending legs to start position

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 3x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Lower body strength and power
Castellano: Growing up in Venezuela, Johan didn’t have the proper equipment to squat . So I don’t want to load his back up with a bar, which is why we avoid squating.

Leg Curl

• Assume position on Leg Curl machine
• Contract hamstrings to bring heels to butt
• Lower weight with control; repeat

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Hamstring strength and muscle balance
Castellano: The Leg Curl and Extension are how we make sure muscles in the lower body, above the knee joint, are balanced.

Leg Extension

• Assume position on Leg Extension machine
• Raise weight until legs are fully extended
• Lower weight with control until knees are bent almost 90 degrees; repeat

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Quad strength/muscle balance

Seated Calf Raise

• Assume position on Seated Calf Raise machine
• Drive weight up by extending ankles

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Lower leg strength and improved push off the mound
Castellano: This is one of the few times we isolate a muscle.


Partner Stretch

Have partner bring each of the following stretches to point of tension, then hold for 10 seconds.
Castellano: A partner can get you to a point you can’t get to yourself. I can feel right away if Johan is tight in one muscle or on one side, so there is a benefit to having someone stretch you.

A Constant Cycle

Castellano’s protective philosophy doesn’t just govern weight room work on Johan’s non-pitching days. It’s a full-time mindset. “The moment Johan comes out of a game, he starts getting his body ready for the next start,” Castellano says. “He does a cool down activity immediately for about 10 to 12 minutes with a stationary bike or a slide board. This helps him get some fresh blood moving; and then he ices.” Johan adds, “I do everything possible to take care of myself and recover, beginning the moment after I pitch.”

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