Johan santanas changeup

does anyone know any good sites that shows johan santans change up grip or even an article?

I am pretty sure his change-up is a Palm ball grip. Held deep into the palm.

[quote=“WhiteSox101”]I am pretty sure his change-up is a Palm ball grip. Held deep into the palm.[/quote]Accually, it’s a circle change-up grip, he just worked on it so much when he was younger, that’s the key, just work on it and it will come

I wish I could get a good picture of it, but since he’ll be on ESPN against the A’s tuesday, I’ll just point something out to look for.
On release he gets a high level of pronation, which will increase movement, and less velocity. Watch for his thumb to turn down and be under the ball as he throws the changeup.

As for the grip I’m fairly confident that it is a circle change, with the middle and ring finger across the parallel seems like a 2-seamer.

Tanner, you are right about the grip but wrong about when he developed it. As I was watching him pitch the other day, they were talking about when he first came up he didnt have one. So they sent him back down and he exclusively worked many hours on just that pitch with the pitching coach and developed a very good one. So then they called him back up and now you can see the results. So as you can see it is not too late change-ups can be perfected in a small amount time if you work very hard. Just because you have thrown it since you were 12 does not mean it will be good, or that it will necesarrily ever be good if you are not throwing it right. Sorry for long read but I just thought I would add my knowledge to the subject.

Johan Santana’s changeup is nothing short of beautiful. It’s just perfect.