Joey 14u Pitching Analysis


Joey is usually very consistent but lately hes been missing inside. Was wondering if I could get some feedback.


Inside to left or right handed hitter?


Inside to a RH batter


Problems with the inside pitch are usually coming from the upper half being late on the lower half. That often comes from trying to pitch more with the legs and the timing isn’t quite right yet. That’s why most pitchers start pitching with very little lower half involvement because that’s easier to aim the ball until you realize years later that higher level pitchers are in fact thrusting their mechanics and really are firing the ball out there. Your kid as very fine mechanics for his age and even tho not perfect, could serve him right for now. I think the Towel Drill could help him with fixing his timing issues


Good upper arm action and forward tilt. IMHO just needs to work on his lower half. Hips have not opened at FFS and there is no linear momentum at leg lift so he is holding his power back with lack of separation of hips and subsequent no posting of that front leg . Once lower half is more dynamic he will be moving down the mound more and you should see FFS closer to 90% of height. With more linear energy and front leg posting (just like in hitting) he will force the additional energy into the upper half which should take strain off the shoulder and give him more velo. If that makes sense…


What I see is a lot of head tilt to the glove side. What this does is pull back his release point. Pulling back the release point thereby causes a lot of the “up and in”. Not sure if he’s just trying to “get on top of the ball” or “throw downhill” but if he keeps his head level he’s going to find it a lot easier to “release out front”. Just my 2 cents worth.