Joey 10u video
Looking for feedback. He is 10 yo preparing for his 11u season
4-11 95 lbs
On the gun he tops out at 58-59. 10-12 difference between fb and cu
over 9u and 10u season combined, his strike percentage is 51%
Percentage of batters walked is too high.
Our goal here is to throw more strikes and we feel that will be thru cleaning up mechanics
Not looking for velocity just a higher strike percentage.
thanks for taking a look

Two very noticeable things: he’s got some serious Okajima-head. His head needs to be much more upright and he needs to be looking at the target. It’s very difficult to pitch accurately with a blindfold on. Looking at the source of the head pulling off and it’s probably his glove movement. This can happen when we try to overthrow or if we are trying to pull the glove to the chest.
He’s dropping / pulling his glove from chest to waist and his head is going with it. Glove up, head up. After he gets glove arm extension, the glove should simply flip from palm down to palm up as his elbow drops and allows his shoulders to rotate toward the plate. Get him to chase the glove to the target with his chest. I know you aren’t looking for added velocity, but unfortunately, if he fixes this problem, his velocity will increase. Sorry to disappoint.

Thanks coach
We have been working on the head movement
Hopefully working on his glove hand will help

Very athletic for a 10 year old. His front side is ahead of his backside, his throwing arm is late, his release point is off and he is finishing in a vulnerable fielding position towards third base . I would work on his glove for now and it will correct multiple mechanical issues in itself .You want to fix one thing at a time. He needs to get that glove side arm/shoulder up at foot plant so he can get out in front at release point. At a later time you could work on having some shoulder tilt so he can stay back longer and get his lower and upper body in sync. Keep up the good work and good luck.