Joe torre gone?

Well, the yankees lost their 3rd playoff in a row in the first round…this one in 4 games. Heartbreak for many yankee fans, including me. And then, likely happiness for those New england fans.

Ok so, Joe torre has been threatened to lose his job last weekend by Yankee owner George steinbrenner…thats just bad. Torre’s era started in 96 and ever since the yankees have made it to the playoffs each year. What do you think, should he stay or go?

Defintely stay. Yes, i might not be a fan of all of his bullpen moves, but you know what…the players are in love with him and to me, that’s really all that matters. Also, if he doesn’t come back, i really think we’re at a huge disadvantage to re-sign mariano, posada, and probably a-rod and pettite.

I really don’t think he’ll go because they want to keep Mo and Jorge. They said if he ain’t managing they might not come back. I would like to see Don Mattingly manage.

I F***ing HATE Steinbrenner, he is a stupid prick who thinks that he understands every nuance of baseball just because he writes the Yankees organization a fat check every year. He demands perfection from a team that simply can’t deliver it, the Yankees were a heavily flawed team this year, and that isn’t Torres fault. What Torre has done, however is get them to the postseason 11 straight years, and firing that guy is just ridiculous. As a diehard Bostonian, I respect him greatly and think Steinbrenner should just go ahead and turn senile already so someone else can take over and not be such a jack@ss

Steinbrenner is one of the top Baseball owners of all time. He was voted the best by the entire MLB player’s association. Steinbrenner knows how to keep a franchise winning. He bought them cheep in the 70’s and then made them into the champs they once were. He will make the correct decision.

If you gave me 20 billion dollars, I could be the best owner in baseball too. All he has to offer is alot more money than any other owner

Other owners don’t spend their money. He has the money because he has the balls to invest and win. Other teams get the money from the Yankees luxury tax and then pocket the money. We actually have more homegrown players than most anyone in the MLB.

Too bad Joe left, oh well now he’s heading up the Dodgers, thankfully I get to see a lot of West Coast games, it’ll be interesting to see how he does in Dodger Blue…

And he passed his dick gene onto his son too, sigh i was hoping that when George kicked the bucket we would be done with this overzelous owner stuff, but I guess the Steinbrenner family just isn’t made that way…