Jobes before pitching?

Is it bad doing jobe exercises before a tournament knowing that i will pitch? or should i just do less sets?

It’s quite common for pitchers to do tubing work as part of their warm-up. Just don’t over-do it and you should be fine.

When USC came to town to play ASU, both teams’ pitchers did tubing before doing anything else.

Thanks Rog, What about the five dumbbell stuff the night before

You’re talking about doing the dumbell equivalent of the tubing exercises or something different?

I think were on the same page. I dont really do tubing (the stretchy things off the fences) I do the jobes with the dumbells 5 nights a week. Are they considered the same thing in a way?

Yeah, same thing. Works the same muscles with similar movements. So as long as you don’t overdo it the night before, you should be fine doing it the night before a game. I think you could even a light amount the day of a game.

Alright thanks for clearing things up Roger

Some good advice here, everyone’s different. But I personally didn’t do any tubing or dumbbells the day before a game or prior to a game. Early on I recognized that my velocity was always down when I did, so I simply added Jobes to my post-game routine. That way, I still was able to knock them out … but not have it affect my performance on the mound (which is most important, anyways!).

Yeah i usually do them the night that pitch. It helps me recover faster dor the next day. But Hey Steve, what were the little things you did everyday in High School to seperate you from everyone else.

McCovey Cove i do my jobes 5 days a week too but the night before a game i just cut the number of times i do it in half. i dont use 5lb. dumbbells though i use a womens college shotput.

Yeah i usually just cut it half the night before. Ill try out different reps and not doing them the night before and see how i feel. Thanks for the input

kool man, im not a real big fan of tubing so i just stick with the jobes.
funny thing is that Frank Jobe did my dads elbow surgery lol.

haha thats kinda cool. Yeah when i first started pitching i had some 5 pounders layin around the house and then read about the jobes so it kinda just fell into place. I never really bought some tubing stuff so i never got into it. Ive gotten a big difference in arm strength though through jobes. How many sets and reps u do?

i do each one 25 times twice
which one is your favorite to do?

Probably the lateral raises. which one for u?

i like the one where you lye down on a table and lift your arm

Oh ive never really done those. I just do the 5 standing up. Right now 2 sets of 20

what are jobes?

jobes are great exercises to strenghten your rotator cuff

keeps them strong makes them last threw out the season should be done with 5lbs or less. nothin more because then that will work out the bigger muscles. You need to keep those little muscles strong too :lol: