Jim Joyce

:oops: What do you guys think about that call?

Oh my to ruin his perfect game like that

Should instant replay be in the game other than just homeruns?

WASN’T EVEN CLOSE, HE WAS OUT BY A FOOT. :evil: :evil: :evil:

I actually feel sorry for Jim Joyce…he may never admit it but he was saying to himself before that play happened…“If it’s a close one, do I have the guts to call safe at first?” “Do I have the guts?” Jim talked his brain into confirming that he is a man of principle. I am sure Jim was completely convinced that the batter was safe. Now his nightmare starts. All we can hope is that baseball will get its head out of the sand, admit the wrong call, credit the perfect game, consider one appeal for each game and go on. Jim Joyce doesn’t have to be a sacrificial lamb just because baseball wants to keep its tradition. Right now the umpires are their own worst enemy.

theres a few things going on in that particular play -

  1. the most obvious- got the call wrong.
  2. on a play that close even if the runner is tied you call that play out NO MATTER WHAT.
  3. I don’t know why the base runner is busting his ass down the line and then when he is called out acting like he made a terrible mistake.

BTW the steroid ERA is OVER.

THREE perfect games! 2 in one week!!??

Bud Selig will not reverse the call. I cannot tell you how mad I am at Selig for not giving Galarraga what he deserves, to have his name written in the history books. Selig claiming that it is because of this “human” aspect of the game, what a load of balony. Give Galarraga a perfect game.

on another note, that is 4 perfect games in the last year (Buerhle, Braden, Halladay, and Galarraga). Could this year claim the title of “year of the pitcher”?

There is only one way for Selig to get this right. He can’t just give Galarraga the perfect game because there have been a ton of blown calls that have affected the outcome of important playoff and series games. That would most definitely open up a can of worms.

What he needs to do to make this legitimate is combine the decision to credit the perfect game with a new rule allowing each manager to challenge one call per game. Instant slo mo replay is such a part of the game now that the managers are using it to validate their suspicions of blown calls just like Leyland did last night. The umpires should use a system similar to the NHL whereby a fifth umpire is at a remote location or at the field and simply reviews the play when challenged. An exception for review by the commissioner or his designee would be the answer to plays that occur after a manager has used already his one challenge and something like this perfect game play crops up.

My question is how did the umpire team not huddle up in the middle of the field and discuss this call? I know its the 1B umps call to make, but certainly the 2B ump can sit there and say, “Uh, I don’t know Jim you sure about that call? He looked like he got him to me.” This happens all the time in the NFL - why not in the MLB? Instant replay and manager’s challenges are a good idea, but I think a lot can be overcome by the umpires themselves.

I think Selig had no choice and he was right.
America has been taught to second guess authority, it is like as long as the person asking for the “do over” is sympathetic “oh we have to do something in the interests of fairness”.
Check out the REAL MAJOR LEAGUER HERE…What did Gallaraga (sp?) do? He looked the man in the eye, accepted his apology and moved the hell on!! Thats a pro…no blame, no lame…no cryin for his own little personal stat…He knows he gets the check…he’s in the dance…Sure he was dissappointed…now he has a start in another 4 days and he…as a pro, will be ready and looking for another quality start. History will see to that and take care of it’s self…It’s what I loved so much about GW Bush…He knew he was doing the right thing…and let the historians worry about history…proved his stuff by deeds…just like this great kid Gallaraga will prove his stuff with deeds…right now he just wants to stay in the bigs, on a roster, in a rotation…lookin for the big prize at the end of the year…he gained a career long fan in me…Jim Joyce did and let me just say that they ought to throw out the time waited for Jim Leyland and drop kick his old carcus right into the hall today!!! What a huge class act.

Hope for baseball comes from this gentleman…Ladies…gots not a thing to do with replay…replay is for old goats like me to sit there and argue in the lonliness of age…Pro’s and players move on.

Upon further review…from one old goat to another…I totally agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it me or did it look like the second basemen took a little too much time to make the throw. It looked like he waited for a few seconds before throwing the ball, his throw wasn’t that strong either.

Same thing happens when i play ball and i am pitching. Infielders take to much time and then its a close play and the ump calls him safe. SO ya thats how the cookie crumbles. The play shouldn’t of been so close.

THe ump was probaly thinking tie goes to the runner anyways. Even though he was out by a foot. Stuff happens.

Also guys before blaming the umpire or anything else you take a second to be in their shoes. I play baseball competitevly and plan to go to college, but i also umpire games as well locally. And trust me. Being an umpire is no easy job. It a bam bam play that is all over in 4 seconds and you have to be able to judge the call.

I don’t give a rats arse what the people in the booth say because they are watching it in slow motion, pausing and playing it over and over again.

Umpires get one chance, 1 look and all of it happens in under 4 seconds. Jim Joyce did make the wrong play but honestly he’s a damn good umpire and every should get off of his back.

I can’t think of a more horrible instance of a pitcher getting robbed by an umpire.

I have always been a proponent of not having too much instant replay in baseball, but this now pushes me over the edge to have it.

The people in the stands, people watching TV, announcers, and everyone in the world can see the replay, but the umpires who actually have to be held accountable…can’t. It just doesn’t make much sense.


What are we going to do…continue chasing perfection that doesn’t exist? Look what JD has said, that’s what makes sense really. Galarraga, Leyland and Joyce…in my mind because of the reaction to the imperfections they have helped us all take a step closer to perfection. Their response is exactly the kind of class my father taught me about. He worked in a steel mill and he used to talk about the raw coke and the materials that make steel. It was all this combination of ore fired in furnaces.

I took these lessons and applied them to my life and I think Galarraga has something similar to draw from too. It comes with a nice foundation of humility, a conviction that you don’t need anyone’s acknowledgement to validate your self worth. When you look in the mirror in the morning you aren’t disappointed with what other people will see (I mean in an inner examination of your character). You know what you are, what you’ve done. You don’t need a trophy, a statistic, an award. In fact, it in a way is offensive to you. It is offensive because you know others, many others who never received acclamation or reward for similar or greater achievements. It is enough to know that you have reached for the highest standard and gained it on your own. A tickertape parade isn’t necessary.

Baseball is reflective of life, especially pitching and so these human errors need to be embraced, they are bittersweet no doubt but it is the kind of food that sticks to your ribs. The lessons learned are not forgotten. It’s what makes a man walk around town and be quietly noticed. Sometimes the way that seems so right, just isn’t. The key is to figure it out before you go that way because it’s soon too late to turn back.

Had the controversy been fed by the participants, the media might have turned it into something really disgusting. I’m glad at least one of the participants was a homeboy and I like to think he knows a little about making steel.

well put

defiantly bud selig so damn stuborn. the umpire wqasnt even by first base like any moron would have done. hes got to be ready for a call. the call wasmore than a foot away. i hate how people keep calling it an almost perfect game. i mean i was, i just was :x :shock: