JH Log

Ok im will be starting this tommarow. I have a game today. But I figure instead of complaining like I throw to slow why not do something about it.

Had a baseball game yesterday and then half of a myoplex protein shake

100yd Sprints x4
Jumping Jacks for ten seconds x4
10 Pull Ups
Medicine Ball Rotate (Abs)

This was just p.e today.
im doing more later

10 pullups
30 pushups in 27 seconds
I hurt my elbow so from my game after wensday in not going to be doing anything till monday. Rest Ice Compression Elevation

Played some basketball for a hour and half
Ran a mile
Did the rowing for 150 meters
Machine Benched 50
About 25 pullups
Threw some hitting about 180 ft
Arm felt great

Foul Pole 2 Foul Pole x2
Threw Monday Tuesday and Wensday
Pitches Wensday defense wasn’t good. But I hit my spots just need to throw faster

Pushups and pullups
Ran a little bit

Squats with 10 pd-ers in both hand
10 pd medicine ball slam
Punching bag
Ran a little
Game tommarow
Wreestling practice starts monday

Had a baseball game yesterday we won.
Im going to give you some info about me



Speed:58mph (Top)


Short term goal (by january): Hit 65 consistently and locate my pitches well

Long term goal (by next baseball season): Hit 75 consistently



Other Sports:Wrestling

Gpa: 1st Quarter 3.0

Threw for about 30 minutes today arm felt great then did some flat ground pitching

Okay, what’s your diet looking like.

I’m guessing you’d like to gain some pounds?

Ya I would. I just eat regular and throw a few protein shakes in there every Now and then

Had wrestling practice today
Sick which sucks

I have a sinus infection
But game tonight with my highschool jv team