Jdfromfla for president!

who is with me?

Ha, there isn’t a no option. :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I stuck one in but somehow it didn’t show up. :lol:

I vote for JD!

Ya’ll are smokin crack… :shock:

My inauguration speech…

oh look…they found my home video of my early days with the missus…

Boy gettin those huggies sure was fun…Vote Grateful…so he can quit workin!!

Well, I wasn’t going to vote but after seeing that inauguration speech, well, it’s all so clear now. JD really is the only one who gets it. :rofl2:

By the way, is that second clip from “Raising Arizona”?

Why yes…yes it is Roger…Raisin Arizona, it is really a chronical of the JD family pre-second son birth…we were a little…umm, different…like he said…"not Ozzie and Harriet :shock: "

JD, who are you going to select to fill your cabinet? :slight_smile:

Yeah JD, who’s going to be in the cabinet of yours? I’m very curious about this one.

Haven’t given it much thought mind you…

Secretary of the treasury…might be someone like this…

shown giving a demonstration on how the IRS would operate under me…

And of course we have our Sec. of Defense…he’s a bit of a “hawk”

My illustrious VP…and favorite philosopher

My Atty. Gen in action…

My Political Adviser…

Border Patrol and HHS Secretary’;

Seretary Of State…

I’ve got more but this is plenty for now :wink:

JD is going to make it a little difficult for the Secret Service. They’ll have to find a very special detail that’s willing to take a " high-n-tight fastball" for the guy. … But then again, that’s what their there for!

Let’s hear it for the hanging chad!

Coach B.