Jap-loitation, using being Asian to an advantage

So I am a half Japanese kid, and I was wondering if I could use that to my advantage.
Im not saying changing anything really but doing stupid things. Like pausing in my early windup to give me the appearance of having a unique delivery (ie Nomo, Daisuke)
It sounds dumb but I mean when theres not many Asians in the league that I play in the first thing that a batter thinks when he sees an asian guy is Daisuke, World Baseball Classic, or something stupid right? And then when I do some slightly odd delivery, theyre gonna question whether or not I got a gyro. Right?

I am in no way goin to expend much energy into this but I mean its the little things that people pick up on right?
Oh n feel free to rip into this dumb idea.

Not a horrible idea. Like for me if I wanted to do something werid I could have a very slow rocker step with something becuase I’m good from the stretch anyways and wouldn’t benefit much from a normal rocker anyways. Whatever you feel won’t affect you if you change it.