i know it sounds wimpy but im always afraid of getting hit on inside pitches. any tips to get over this fear.

Get some catcher’s gear on and have somebody throw a bunch of baseballs at you (no you can’t has a mitt) and just get hit and then when you’re ready take the gear off and get used to it so you know that it only hurts for a little while.

Trust me your not the only one now… I took one to the head this past season… Im scared to take another one to the head… I dont mind ribs or thigh… But knee and head is off limits

I got hit in the eye about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it was really bad I’m still I little nervous when I get short hops playing catch or eye level throws but I just make sure I get the ball, same thing when taking BP I just make sure to get out of the way.

when the ball comes just turn your body n drop ur bat.
if u do that, getting hit in the shoulder n back is alot better then getting hit n the stomach n face. when u are scared u try to get off the way without thinking and it can hit u in a worse area. teh best thing to do is just turn ur shoulder. the pain goes away in seconds.

Well the thing about mine was the sun was coming right at me… And I didnt see the ball til the last second…and I turned my head… If I didnt turn my head… I would of easily had either a broken eye socket or cheek bone or jaw. But instead I had one H*LL of a concussion

I was scared of getting hit when I was 13 and I jst moved up to the big diamond and the pitching was stronger and faster but after a season of stepping in the bucket as you say I grew into it

important things to remember:

  • pitchers hardly ever hit batters
  • if your mechanics are sound you should be able to get out of the way
  • it is mostly in your head, most hit batters are not injured so badly they have to leave the game

you can be a littile scared but never let this stop you striding forward and looking to hit the ball