Jamie Moyer question?

I really didn’t know were to put this, so i figured off-topic was fine. When Moyer came into the league how fast did he throw?

He has always been an off speed guy, when he was a Cub he was about as fast as now. As I recall it anyway.

Ok thanks. I wasn’t sure if he was like a Glavine type of guy who came in the the league throwing 95

Heck, I don’t remember Glavine throwing that hard, maybe once or twice a game would he venture into the 90’s…he just worked away, away away and would pop inside to keep em honest.

I’m reading a book now - “In the Black” or something like that. It is about Glavine and Mike Mussina’s 07 season. It was written by John Fienstien - I do remember that because the book store guy had to help me find it and he told me the author.

It says in the book that Glavine threw 92 mph when he was in high school. I think Glavine even said this - he said he played in leagues made up of older kids and didn’t have a problem with velocity. This is a good book for anyone who likes to read about baseball.

How is that book? The author was on the “Tim McCarver Show” and his book sounded really good.