Jake's Progess

Well, I figure I might as well start one of these. I like the idea of keeping one of these so you know what you like or what you don’t like, what worked and what didn’t, etc.

My Goals

(1)Get my arm back to 100% health.
(2)Be as prepared as I possibly can for the season.
(3)I would like to reach 90 this year, too.
(4)Most Importantly- STAY HEALTHY!

Team Goals

(1)Win the conference
(2)Win the region
(3)Win the D1 JUCO World Series

I’ll be the first one to come on here and wish you luck man!

Keep workin’ hard!

One of the things I appreciate about Tom House is he is far and away the Guru that works for better arm health knowledge for everyone. So you’ve got a great foundation, you’ve set good and realistic goals, adjust as you assess! Only thing I notice is you’ve got the teams backwards…the Cubs should always be first… :wink:
My only suggestion is to find a higher purpose…and play for it.

Hey, thanks guys. I’m not sure about the Cubs before the Braves though. :smiley: The Cubs always find a way to make you feel like absolute crap at the end of the season…

Anyways, I was talking about my throwing program, well NPA’s throwing program, in the chat the other night. I told somebody, I think it was RIstar, that I threw Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday, and Friday. He said that was too much, but I’ve been doing for a while now. :wink: Well I’m going to go ahead and list what I did for the last two days with the throwing program. I’m not going to put what I did for the functional fitness training, just the time it took. I will add in conditioning and the weight room workout, and what we did at practice.

I’ll just start a new post. :lol:

Thursday, December 13th, 2007:

Throwing Program with drills and functional fitness work lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. Weightroom workout lasted another 45 minutes.

Throwing Program: I’ll list this once for reference. Afterwards, Ill just abbreviate everything.

Warm-Up and Dynamic Arm Strengthing/Stretching: 20 minutes
(1)Step-Behinds, Crossovers, Narrow Stance
(2)Orel Hershiser Drill
(3)Mirror or Wall Drill
(4)Rocker Drill
(5)Towel Drills
(6)Flat Ground Mechanics Work
Totaled 75 throws (15 in Flat Ground) and 25 towels
(7)Functional Fitness Work

Weight Room: 45 minutes
(Not sure about exact order, so I’ll just list the exercises)
(1) Front Squat 1x12@95lbs and 1x12@115lbs
(2) DB Bent-Over Row w/ Tricep Extension 2x12@15lbs each
(3) DB Rotational Bicep Curls 1x8,8,8@20lbs each
(4) DB Bent-Over Lateral Raises 2x15@5lbs
(5) DB Front Raises 2x15@5lbs each
(6) DB Diagonal Lateral Raises 2x15@5lbs each
(7) Calf Raises 2x10,10,10@90lbs
(8) DB Bench Press 2x8,8,8@30lbs each
(9) DB Bent-Over Row 2x10@40lbs
(10)DB Standing Lunges 2x20@15lbs each
(11)DB Side Lunges 2x20@15lbs each
(12)DB Single Leg RDLs 2x12,12@20lbs each

First off, to be blunt, our weight room sucks. They are missing a vital piece of equipment to my workouts: the cable cross-over machine. I could do almost an entire workout on one! But, for now, I am making do. Most of the important work is done during the Functional Fitness work during the throwing program. This includes core work. I will supplement core work into the weight room workout once in a while, but not this day. I was a bit sore. The day went well though.

Are you as prepared as you need to be?

Friday, December 14th, 2007:

I was sore coming into today and it didn’t help that after we warmed up at practice we had to run a 6 in 2. I don’t know if it was soreness or just the general need for recovery. But, here’s what we did today.

Practice: (I can’t remember how long it lasted. I’m thinking it was right around 2 hours.)
(1) Warm Up: Lot’s of static stretching…and shoulder stretching…not a big fan of either if you don’t already know…
(2) Ran a 6 in 2: I finished in 1:58. We didn’t have to do another one for the first time in who knows how long. Thank God!
(3) Throwing: We did some knee drills and other conventional stuff. After knee drills I did Step Behinds, Cross-Overs, and Narrow Stance.
(4) Flat Ground Work: 4x10@70% effort
(5) 20 Minute Run: Did around 2.2 miles

Functional Fitness Work: 1 hour
Another pitcher joined me today from the team. I will be doing this workout with him everyday after practice till break. It’s nice to have a partner because you can push each other. I had to take it a little easier today, but it’s all good. I was a little run down today. It’s been a long week.

Note: I recommend working with a partner!

Are you as prepared as you need to be?

Saturday and Sunday = Recovery

Be back on Monday. 8)

Today was an absolutely crappy day. I woke up with the flu and had to drive 2 hours to school. (I’m only writing this now so I don’t forget.) That was a whole lot of fun. I got in just in time for practice, and I didn’t have any time to eat or take any supplements.

Anyways, here’s what we did today:

(2)Ran a mile in like 6 or 7 minutes
(3)Run Up the stairs, down a hallway, down another set of stairs, down a hallway, run up the stairs- x8
(4)Circuit of Jump-Tucks, Scissor Jumps, Split? Jumps, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Run-in-Place x4
(5)Medicine Ball Ab Workout
(6)15 minutes of functional stretching

On my own, I only did Joint Integrity Training and a few flexibility things.

Welp, I’m off to bed. We’ll see if it’s any better tomorrow.

Good luck man, I just saw this thread, I’ll be following ya!

Yesterday, I was still sick. I had two finals to take, one which was during practice so I wouldn’t have been there anyhow. I would have worked out afterwards, but…

I feel much better today, however, and I will be back in the swing of things once 1:00 rolls around. I’ll keep ya updated.

  • Jake

I felt much, much better today. Alive is a good word for it. :wink: Here’s what we did today.

(1) Started with a normal warm up, except it was shortened about 10 minutes today…I was confused. It’s terrible to make something already bad worse.
(2) Pitchers went to the big gym to throw. Well, this doesn’t bother me at all except for the fact that we didn’t do a pitcher specific warm up. So while they were playing catch, I did a shortened version of the NPA’s warm up. (Yes, two shortened warm ups…This day was starting off very well…)
[Throwing consisted of the normal step-behinds, cross-overs, and narrow stances. We then did some “long-toss” which was very limited by the size of the gym. After that we did some flat-ground work. 3x10@60%…Well, I did 60% 8) ]
(3) Then we did some running. The running was a mile’s worth of half track jog and half track sprint. (14 laps is a mile.) We did that together.
(4) We then went through an ab circuit while the position players did their running. Did a total of probably 7x15.
– I am beginning to notice that my core is getting very strong. Everybody else was struggling, but I didn’t think it was that bad at all. –

After practice I didn’t do an extra workout. Even though it wasn’t a bad day, I didn’t want to push it. I had eaten no more than two sandwiches in the previous 48 hours so you get the idea. Instead I worked with one of my roommate pitchers on, well, pitching. He really likes the NPA’s stuff. I’ll quote him: “See, I know this stuff is good because I can tell when something is helping or not doing anything. I feel way more comfortable doing this.” He’s been struggling lately, so I offered to help him out. I’ll let you know how that project goes.

Until tomorrow,


Jake Happy Holidays!