Jake Buonanno Pitching Analysis


great site so far and we just found you! Looking forward to hearing back!

Rob (Dad)
Jake (Shown in video)

Hi Rob, Nice little pitcher you have there! I see a lot of pluses in his delivery.I like where his foot position is on the rubber for starters. Other things I like in his delivery - Nice posture and weight distribution, good back leg position before hand break, good lead leg action, good landing leg stability, he braces up the front leg and hip well, and good ball release.

I see that he is young so explaining all of this to him might not make any sense. I see 3 things I would work on with him and 2 of those things come out of one movement together. Again being so young, I would have him improve these movements while he is just having a catch with you. Last thing you want is a pitcher thinking about mechanics while pitching. But if you make subtle suggestions while you are having a catch, he won’t even know he is learning new movement patterns. Choose one of the movement patterns to begin with

  1. Arm Action and Early Weight Shift: First thing I see is that he is his arm getting up too soon prior to landing. This isn’t necessarily an arm action issue, it has more to do with how his is shifting his weight or lack there of away from the rubber which in turn throws off his upper and lower body timing. In simple terms, the first phase of the pitching delivery is all about creating momentum and driving powerfully towards home plate.

  2. Drops his Glove at Ball Release: If you don’t control your glove, but instead swing it out or let your glove drop as your throw, you will open early and lose the rotational power needed for maximum arm speed.

As I said earlier, choose one of the movements to work on. If its the glove side, then mention it to him and show him the new movement while having a catch. If it is weight shift, talk about using the back leg and generating more power out of it. Have fun with it. I remember those days well!



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I want to thank you for a prompt response and great detail!! Just to clarify, on your first point, keeping his arm back longer or another way to say it is pushing off harder/sooner to get front foot to come down a touch sooner is what you want him to accomplish? this way his arm is back longer and more torque will be created to unwind and enter the delivery? I’m not sure I am being clear, but you may know what I mean. put simply, push off and get the front foot down a bit sooner when compared to the back arm, and that ‘delay’ of the back arm which will create more separation and more torque/velocity?

And to clarify/confirm your second point…get him to do a better job of tucking the glove and have it tighter to his body with the elbow really leading the glove arm.

We are on a top team in NJ and I help out from time to time and you are right, it is great times!

Thanks again and look fwd to getting to know the site some more!



I am so sorry to bug you with this, but I am trying to view the workout videos on this page from your site - http://www.thecompletepitcher.com/pitching_workouts.htm - but it isnt working…any idea why? I downloaded the flash player too. Pls correct me if I am wrong, but those should be viewable right on the site, right? (If you are busy, no worries, pls let me know who to contact and I will go thru them, I really prefer not to bug you!)



Hey Rob, I’m not Steve Ellis. He does read through the forum but if you need to get in touch with him there may be a contact link around.

Steve C

Hey Rob,
To answer your question. Yes, pushing off harder using ground force to move his core down the mound will time up the lower half with the upper helping in the overall rhythm and tempo so that when his foot just about touches the ground, his arm will not already be up in the cocked position. It’s a timing thing. Don’t worry about the front foot, I was just pointing that out to you. When he develops good early momentum, that will take care of itself.

And to clarify/confirm your second point…get him to do a better job of tucking the glove and have it tighter to his body with the elbow really leading the glove arm. Yes.

Here is a video of a female softball pitcher explaining skater hops really, really well. Watch the first minute of the video. Of course Jake would not throw, but if he starts out doing 10 of these skater hops correctly, he will begin to feel what it is like to have a more powerful leg drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TpsjnlP-Ds
What I like to do is blend my drills with pitching. I have pitchers do 5 skaters and then go through 1 pitching motion. then 4 skaters and 1 pitching motion, all the way down to 1 and 1. This is a dry drill so the pitcher can do these drills a couple times a week.

Where in NJ are you?



Thank you again so much for replying…Will take a look at that drill. We live in Northern NJ, Bergen county…do you know the area? And where are you normally? I am sure you may travel around but where do you spend most of your time?

Thanks again

Talk soon!