Jaeger Sports

Lately I have been coming across lots of information on Jaeger Sports. I am reluctant to buy into this yet and was wondering if anyone has any information on this subject who isn’t trying to sell me anything. Thanks.

What do you want to know?

They have an arm strength and conditioning program that combines, long toss, arm conditioning, stretching, yoga, and mental training. It really isn’t anything revolutionary, they’ve just put together a good overall conditioning program.

Will it add 10mph to your fastball? Probably not. Will it add some velocity to your fastball or help you maintain your velocity further into games. Probably, but nobody can guarantee that. Will it help maintain the health of your arm. Certainly. Does that guarantee you’ll never have a sore arm? No.

Is the program well run? Yes.

Can you get the full benefit by just buying one of their CDs? No, but it could be useful if you can’t get to their camp.

Do you have to buy their J-Bands? No, but the J-Bands are a very convenient way to do the Jobe exercises. There are other types of bands out there that you can do just as well with though.

Is the mental training useful? Depends on who you ask, I’ve asked a couple local pro players and they are very big on the advantages of the mental training. My son is very tough mentally on the mound. I have no idea if it comes from their training or not.


Thanks. I do already have the therabands that I think are basically the same exact thing as the J-Bands and I already have plenty of information on the excercises they use I was more less looking into the Conditioning, Yoga, and Long Toss Program they provide. If you buy one of their DVD’s do you gain enough information with those. Those are basically what I was wanting to know and you nailed most of it, thanks again.

If I remember correctly you don’t get that much information on the Yoga and mental training on the CD but I haven’t looked at it in quite a while.

The DVD covers arm circles, the J-band exercises, a little bit of mechanics, the Jaeger long toss program, and Alan Jaeger giving the benefits of the throwing program. I know that there is nothing about yoga on the DVD and off the top of my head, I don’t believe that any mental aspects were covered on the DVD.

I also have the book that Jaeger wrote. It is way above intro-level sports psych. He tries to run you through the far east approach to relaxation and composure. He runs you through how to meditate properly and how it can apply to sports and everyday life. I learned some stuff from reading his book, but I learned much more from reading both of Dorfman’s books and reading Mind Gym.