Jaeger Long Toss

Would you recommend the Jaeger Long Toss Program for an 11 year old? After reading a few articles about it, it seems that the program was developed more for HS and up. We have been doing long toss twice a week up to about 150 feet, but the Jaeger program suggests doing it 4+ times a week. It just seems a little much to me. Anyone have their sons doing this program? What are your results? Would you recommend doing this program in-season for an 11 year old?

Well for me, it seems like it could benefit them. I don’t know about doing it 4x a week, that 's seems a little much for in-season. I would also not have them do the pull down phase aggressively. I would just have them stretch it out. But I’m not expert, so I wouldn’t take my advice on its own.

For kids that young, it would hard for them to throw nice and easy. I remember at that age just trying to throwing the shick out of it and not much else.

Hope I helped!

A lot of it will have to do with how many innings and subsequently how many pitches he’ll be throwing a week.

The other aspect is how well he’s handling the current work load he’s doing.

Personally I wouldn’t be doing it 4 times a week in season at that age, but that’s just my own preference. I would think doing that coupled with games, practices, pens and instruction sessions plus the days where your son just wants to simply play catch or work on whatever hes been taught in practice or by his instructor might be a bit too much at that age, but again that’s only my opinion.

Every BODY is different also so it might not be too much for your son, but be careful of burnout.

Great, thanks for the information. Right now what we are doing does not seem to be too much, but we will see once the games actually start in about 3 weeks. If it seems to become too much for him, we will stop. Thanks again.

At 11, four times a week may be alot. Once his season starts once a week should be adequate. I personally love Jaeger’s program and my HS son uses it on his third day following a start. He finds it to really helpful and finds it “stretches” his body to give him that loose feeling he looks for to get ready for his next start.

I would add that mech. need to be sound with long toss and at that age it’s essential. Height and weight with respect to how developed he is are factors too. Personally 150’ is more than enough an iso is 4x a week. It’s better to be cautious at that age, the wife has seen kids that age with growth plate issues b/c they have thrown too hard at too great a distance.