Jaeger Alan J-Bands

Has anybody here tried Jaeger Alan J-bands excercise, because i have it and im starting to do his excercise, but i was juss curious if anybody had them and if they saw any results.

Thanks :smiley:

My son uses them regularly and I have used them. The primary purpose of the exercises done with the J bands is to condition the small muscles around the shoulder. The key to the J bands is understanding that you are primarily building stamina rather than strength. If you try to build strength using the bands you will tend to use the large muscles rather than the small muscles you are trying to condition and they won’t help.

Used properly they help keep the shoulder from getting sore and I’ve seen excellent results. If you are trying to use the bands to build velocity they aren’t likely to help, at least no directly. The advantage of the bands is that by conditioning the shoulder you allow yourself to work a bit harder on the throwing than you would otherwise. That is where the potential for velocity gains lies.

ok thanks, it will still help me because i need to bit more stamina, i would like to at least pitch 7 inn, thanks again for responding