Jaden 10 yrs old pitching analysis

Would like some feedback on my 10 year old’s form. I am just a dad trying to help his son get on the right track, protect his arm and improve. I have read what I can and watched what videos I can but need some help. Please let me know if you could what we need to work on. Thank you.

Any feedback anyone? Did I post this in the right spot?

You posted in the right place. Sometimes it just takes some time for people to find time to analyze and comment on a video.

I think your boy looks quite good - especially for his age. So, in general, I wouldn’t mess with him too much. Here are my only suggestions:

  • The first step back towards 3B is bigger than I would like to see. Could be a source of control issues. Consider minimizing it.

  • Glove control looks very good up to ball release. And I’m normally not too concerned with glove control after ball release since, by definition, it won’t affect the pitch. However, in the case the glove becomes pretty much useless in defending against a comebacker. I’d like to see him keep the glove in front of him for safety.

  • The glove looks too big (implies too heavy) but take that with a grain of salt since he does control it well.

Hi there,
I think for a 10 year old he’s pretty good for now. The only thing I would suggest would be to not separate the glove and ball so early. As most young pitchers do they are in throwing position way before they are moving down the mound. This could lead to arm pain and definitely taking mph away from your big guy!!
Try to have him keep glove side the same. Break and point glove to catcher and hold the ball down behind him facing second base and as his drive leg pivots up off the rubber and front foot lands that’s when he should be in throwing position.

Lots to correct IMO.

For a young player, his mechanics are far too complicated. Turning and pointing his knee to second base (Johnny Cueto) adds a ton of mechanics. Lots of mechanics means lots can go wrong. It does not allow him to start to shift his hips towards the plate, thus keeping him in a straight up and down position, verses starting to drive forward. You can see at about the 10s mark just how up and down he is. He does not drive his front side, he is simply turning back towards the plate.

His front side is a bit of a mess. His lead hand (glove side - for direction) is pointing at 1st base as he starts his pull. His glove, arm and at minimum his elbow should be more pointing towards the plate and not 1st base. You can see this at the 13s mark.

He bring the ball directly above his head during his stride and his hand is facing towards first base not away from him and point the ball more towards 2nd. This, along with his front side not going towards the plate, is going to have him trying to catch up and leads to what you see at 16s mark. Elbow is way out in front of his body (leading with elbow) as he throws. He thus throws across his body, as you can see by how he finishes. At mark 22s, look at his glove hand, way behind his body and he is not finishing his motion at all.

Watch from 17s to 27s in the video. As he completes his pitch he stops his body (no more forward motion) and he actually goes backwards and off to his left hand side.

In my opinion… you have a bunch to fix. Don’t let him get comfortable in that motion for too long because breaking some of these habits will take a ton of time if you ever can fix them.

First, that porta-potty mound needs to go. He can’t possibly perform a comfortable wind up from that thing. It’s too narrow. I’d rather have my kid throw off flat ground than use that. If he MUST use it, have him throw from the stretch. Like Roger said, less of a side step is better since it’s useless anyway.

Agreed. Simply have him lift and not rotate back…then you can get his arm timing fixed.

Early separation can upset timing in some people. First, I’d try to get him to reach in both directions along the target line after hand break. Get that throwing arm back toward 2b and the glove out toward home plate. You must delay how early he’s getting to his cocked position. Right now his arm is ready way before front foot strike. It should happen right AT front foot strike. I’d focus all my immediate work on that as soon as I got the step reduced and his lift more vertical and simplified. If the reaching or extending forward and back don’t fully eliminate the problem, then have him work on delaying his hand break to let his lower half catch up.

Ultimately the angle of his cocked position is just an aesthetic as long has he’s not off the target line and open at the elbow at greater than 90 degrees

At 16 seconds, he’s actually in a good position with his forearm laid back and his elbow no further in front of his body than his chest. Unfortunately at 16.5 seconds his elbow has travelled out past even his glove and his forearm is still laid back. I think that if you fix his elbow cocked timing this might be something that will be reduced by fixing things earlier in the chain. At this point, he’s using his body about the same amount as a dart thrower does.

Just keep the glove arm bent into and through release and the glove arm won’t continue being equal and opposite of the throwing arm.