Jacobs' Progress

The Name: Robert Jacobs
The Birthday: October 2, 1992
The Height: 6’0"
The Weight: 205 lb
The Goal: Refine my gift until it becomes perfect, until I become one of baseballs greatest.
Secondary Goals: Pitch Varsity this year, gain 3-5 MPH before the season, throw 90 as a junior, throw 95 as a senior with control.
How I Will Achieve These: Constant pitching, weightlifting, conditioning, practice, practice, practice.
Philosophy: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect, Pitching Is A Streetfight
What I throw: Two seam fastball 82-85 MPH, slider, circlechange.
Strength: 190 on bench, 320 on deadlift, 180 on powercleans.
Training Days: Weightlifting Monday-Thursday 6:30 AM. Conditioning Monday-Thursday after 6th period.

I’ve decided my pitching before this point during the fall league means nothing. I wont go into too many details. I know I’ve done better than all my opponents.
Going into Game 6: 10 IP, 18 K’s, 3 walks, 6 hits, 4 earned runs.

Dropped 3rd strike?

[quote=“Seffapotamus”][quote=“Jacobs 21”]
Game 1: 1 inning pitched, 3 K’s. 1-2 pop up, double.

Dropped 3rd strike?[/quote]

1 of them was with a slider, the other two were the high heat.

I was asking because for a single inning, 3K’s and a pop-out = four outs. :lol:

Nah it was 3 straight K’s.
The 1-2, 0-2, 2-2, and 0-3 were my batting.

[quote=“Jacobs 21”]Nah it was 3 straight K’s.
The 1-2, 0-2, 2-2, and 0-3 were my batting.[/quote]

Ah, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries.
I have a game tommorow so Ill add more details and stuff.
Also I’ll add my workouts.

My charts from Game 4:

If you don’t mind me asking how are you a sophomore when you just turned 15? Shouldn’t you be a freshman?

I guess I started early?
My birthday was the second, so I’ll be 16 for a little bit as a senior, then graduate at 17.

Took 200 groundballs at 3rd base before the game.
Staying low real good, made only a couple errors.
Game 5: 4 innings pitched, 4 K’s, 3 hits, 1 earned runs
1st inning: 9 pitches
2nd inning: 9 pitches
3rd inning: 10 pitches
4th inning: 23 pitches
2/3 hits, 4 K’s, 0 walks, 56 pitches (31 going into 4th), 2 Earned Runs(?), first pitch strike 10/16 batters, 40 strikes, 16 balls

After I was done pitching I ran 1/2 mile, then went into 3rd base and got nothing hit to me.


Deadlift 245x5x3
DB Bench 30x20x2
Close Grip Bench 105x10x3
Triceps 40x100x1
Hammercurl 30x10x1 (each arm)
(Didnt lift much since I threw 4 innings yesterday.)

Warmed up, went to 3rd in 6th period for bunt defense, did pretty good. Just a couple throws, did good in rundowns and played heads up.
Conditioning (Angels lost so we didnt have to run :D)
200 crunches, 100 bicycles

Arm felt good, a little tender, but nothing out of the ordinary for after a start.

No weightlifting this morning. Played 3rd in practice, yet again nothing hit to me. Coach says he wants me to catch for the scrimmage tomorow. Wow, that was surprising as hell. I get rid of the ball really quick, but I dont block too well. Im defintely not a catcher with my knees. Arm felt good.
Went to the complex gym, ran mile on treadmill, did 3x5 bench.
Then played some football, havent done taht in a while. And holy crap forget linebacker Im quarterback next year. haha

No lifting today, mom decided to bitch. Whats wrong with driving me to school at 6:00 in the morning? lol
But yet again played 3rd. Arm felt pretty good.
Probably gonna play football later.
No conditioning, ankle is painful to run on

Ankle is feeling better, along with my arm. Really had a lot of pop on the ball warming up. And guess what. Went to 3rd. But heres the amazing part. I had 2 balls hit to me! I know. Both were slow rollers, one the guy ran out, the other I threw out the guy. Ankle is… umm…it hurts to jog on it. But straight up sprinting it felt fine.
Went home and played football for 2 hours (6 touchdowns boooooooy). Defintely alot harder than regular conditioning. Totally exhausted. Contemplating going to bed.
Weight room:
Bench Press: 155 6x3, maxed out at 200 (Ive been making amazing gains, I started lifting at school in the beggining of September, max was 165 then)
Calf raises: 30x2
Tricpes: 40 100x1
Didnt do any leg stuff, worried about ankle.
Good day

Um… if you are worried about your ankle, why would you do calf raises? Just seems odd to me since calf raises would put a lot more pressure on the ankle than nearly any other lower body exercise I could think of (maybe jumping squats would be worse).

Friday: Off day for school lifting, went to weight room at apartment complex, just did random sets due to me being pretty pissed off, but I ran the mile. Then just chilled the rest of the day.
In response to KC, its a wierd thing. It really only happens when I jog. Sprints its fine. Jumping its fine. But jogging its like my ankle collapses. I dont know why. Its starting to feel better now though.

Saturday: Rest day, ran mile in weight room.
Sunday: Played football, not a very good workout.
BP 8-5-3-2x145, 155, 175, 185
Single leg DL’s: 10x3 40
Gauntlet 1x50
Calf raises 3x10 200
Triceps 1x100 40
Played 3rd, nothing hit to me

Calf Raises
Played 3rd made good plays
Conditioned mostly core today.,

Leg Extensions 3x10x100?
Calf Raises 2x30x200
Bench Press 1x10x135
Triceps 1x80x40
Curls 3x10x30

Pitching live pitching to varsity.
1st inning did halfway decent. 1 K, 3 hits. I only got 10 warm up pitches prior to that so I blame it on that haha.
Second inning 4 K’s (yes 4) 1 hit (1st baseman made error on throw to 1st on K with slider in the dirt)
I think I did pretty impressive
20 sprints distances 30-50 yards
core work

Clean and Press 3x5 95, 115 (New favorite lift, forget bench)
Curls 3x10
Military 3x10 95
Pretty light today
Went to 3rd
you know what else