Jacob Leong pitching analysis

Hi, my name’s Jacob and I’m a 17 year old left-handed pitcher, just wanted to post a quick mechanics video in hopes of any tips that you may have.


Hey Jacob

Just looking at your pitching and I don’t see really any red flags with your delivery. There are some small adjustments you may want to address though.

First off, your overall rhythm & tempo, stride direction, and ball release are all good. There are a few things I think you can work on to become more efficient.

  1. Use ground force more efficiently. Your back foot heel has to push force down and out. You lift your heel a little too prematurely causing you to move into early into rotation a little too soon.
  2. Generating better early weight shift (momentum) to help you get down the mound at hand break. From the angle of the video, it seems that you are stuck over your back leg moving into your delivery.
  3. This ties in with 1. and 2. You have to learn how to utilize the ground to get moving forward. You want your first movement to move forward. Keep your glove in the center of your chest and don’t swing it back in leg lift - momentum going in the wrong direction.

There is nothing much more to comment on with your delivery.