Jackson Palmer Pitching Analysis



Video is marked private.


My apologies, it has been remarked public and should be able to be viewed now.
It may be too far away but I can get a better shot in a few days.


I have just one point for now. I hope you’re able to post a closer video:

  1. At maximum knee height, I’d prefer to see the hands no higher than chest high – your son’s hands are higher than his cap. Most big league pitchers keep the hands between the belt and chest at max knee height. When the hands are any higher than the chest, they have to come down first before they can separate as the body moves forward. This extra longer downward movement creates timing and momentum problems, which can be seen in the last frames of this video as your son finishes with his body momentum toward 3B. High velocity RH pitchers finish with their momentum taking them toward home plate or 1B.


Looks like he has been taught the up-down-and-out front leg motion. That motion fails to get the rest of the body (i.e. the center of mass) moving forward early enough and fast enough. He leads with the front leg instead of the front hip. Google “Hershiser drill” or search for that on YouTube.


@Roger has hit the nail on the head.

Your leg lift potential energy is completely neutralized by the leg drop before moving toward home. As a result you are very slow with the lower half, delivery, and velocity. Your body’s acceleration window is very short, so everything done with the lower half has to take maximum advantage of what little time there is to stockpile energy. For as much good as your lower half does you, you may as well pitch from a chair.

Powerful, quick=explosive. Once you get to the top of the lift, if any motion is neither of these, it doesn’t belong in the delivery.