Anyone recommend it?

I’m in high school, so it being banned in the NCAA doesn’t matter to me

It’s fine. But think: What if you really like it and play college baseball?

Jack3d is alright, theres better pre workouts on the market though.
Musclepharm Assault is what I’m currently using.

why do I so often see guys using fancy pre-workout supplements containing ingredients they can’t even name, and then completely ignore the post-workout nutrition…

why is it that I see guys all the time chugging $2 worth of pre-workout before their lift only to lift with half-ass intensity…

pre-workout supplements on the market are vastly overrated…if you need to feel the tingle of caffeine to summon energy and intensity in the weightroom, fine, but you better lift like a bloodthirsty gorilla.

Maybe once or twice a month I’ll have a day where I could use a little kick in the butt before my workout, but I usually find that supplements are not what limit your intensity in the weightroom…heart and effort are what matter. if preworkouts really had an impact, my intensity would lag behind those with an artificial edge. Instead, I get shocked looks from supplemented teammates as I grind out deads or weighted chins with every ounce of effort at my disposal.

in a nutshell, regarding preworkout supplements (your Jack3d, NOexplode, black powder, etc)

  1. You don’t need to take them to achieve your goals
  2. If you take them every time you lift, you will depend on them
  3. The cost will add up
  4. If you are going to use a fancy preworkout powder you better lift like an angry caveman in the weightroom