Jack Tremblay Video Analysis

Jack Tremblay-11u 5’5 145 throws left bats right. Off season pitching form for review

Hi Steve-any thoughts on Jacks mechanics?

Kind of a tough angle from which to analyze. But the first thing that jumps out at me is the pause at the top of the knee lift. Maybe he’s been taught the ol’ balance point drill? Would prefer to see continuous, fluid movement with no pauses.

It also looks like he pulls his glove back after extending it forward. This often leads to early shoulder rotation and can affect both performance and health. Try to get him to turn the glove over and stabilize it out front while bringing his body towards the glove.

Awesome and thanks-and yes he is working on his balance and thus the delay. He also would open up quite a bit last season so working on coming straight down the tape line.

Greatly appreciate your review. Hoping to send follow up video as we progress over the next couple of months.


Is this a duplicate thread??

Not bad mechanics, overall. I’d try to be smoother through the leg lift and stride. I would not pause at the top of the lift. Maintain movement without stopping.
Try to spend some time throwing into a net as hard as you can. Your arm speed is a bit slow. Throwing strikes with velocity begins with velocity and not with strikes.

Thanks Coach! Appreciate the feedback!