Jack Hulst 2022 RHP Video Analysis - looking for tips

FB 81-84, rising senior in HS


What I have noticed is my front legs seems to swing out rather than going straight down the mound. I also open up a little early. Just want to see what other people think! Thanks

This is out of control pitching, which won’t get you the extra mph you seek. Bad mechanics in the form of pole-vault pitching:

Latest Victim of Pole-vault Pitching (Straight-Front Leg Landing)

Thanks for the input. So you recommend having the front leg bent? I’ve always been taught otherwise but from the looks of it it could be useful.

The bent front leg actually gives you an advantage that the straight front-leggers cannot claim: a longer delivery. In other words, you can take a longer time to deliver the ball, which means you can generate a greater force before releasing the ball. This is a physics concept called Impulse: the time it takes to generate a force. Used wisely, for baseball throwing it comes in the form of the Bent Front-leg motion.


“FB 81-84, rising senior in HS,”

Jack, you employ a taller quicker rotation, this is a good direction and being seen at the MLB level more every year, a shorter stride works well with your bottom half effort and taller posture that actually extends your reach because you are using both your legs correctly instead of one.

With your chosen body position (tall) it would be to your advantage to use the top half in a way that is intuitive to that taller motion.

You currently perform a late in rotational arrival (traditional) of the Humerus (to full length external shoulder rotation) when your body sets the glove side foot down and stabilizes. Throwers can not start any forwards contraction math until the Humerus is fully outwardly rotated. You bounce your Forearm backwards ensuring Forearm supinated pitch types and over valgus (UCL) stress.


1, Always transition your Humeral/Forearm arrival with glove side foot plant. This means thumbs up at the back with slight Elbow bend

  1. Stay taller, stride shorter and rotate fast by using the front leg by extending it’s knee.

  2. By now arriving at the back lengthened supinated correctly, you can now voluntarily and intuitively Forearm pronate all your pitch type drives, releases and recoveries safely. This safety greatly effects your ability to sport specifically train. Pop the Elbow up.

  3. learn the intuitively pronated fastball Sinker. it will help you learn what Ulnar flexing your wrist can achieve and enhance other pitch types.

  4. learn the Forearm pronated Slider by radial flexing your wrist, it will increase your understanding of other pitch types in that area.

  5. When throwing fastballs put both index and middle fingers together as if they were one.

Good luck, hope you get away from any form of supinated pitch type!


“What I have noticed is my front legs seems to swing out rather than going straight down the mound.”

This is because you employ a “splits” drive by turning you body sideways, it causes all kinds

of centripetal imperatives that later have to be recovered from. In HS you are forced to turn sideways in the stretch. best to turn your ball side foot more forwardly the way we walk trot and run.

“I also open up a little early.”

You are fine here, you land with a flexed knee, then extend it correctly because of that tall posture

Just want to see what other people think! Thanks

There is a huge change happening everywhere and most of it is secretive because of it’s value, it shouldn’t be this way because it causes personal injury to families and individuals.

I would suggest you and everyone else read Dr. Mike Marshall’s information while it is still free and available

I quote: “Good luck, hope you get away from any form of supinated pitch type!” This is nonsense perpetuated by so-called “pitching experts” who do not know of and hence appreciate the 6-actions of the wrist.

BTW: the fastest motion of the forearm is via the neutral wrist - not the pronated wrist. Pronation is slow and weak compared to other actions of the wrist. However, when throwing a baseball starting with the neutral wrist at the release point of the ball there is a natural tendency to experience some degree of pronation, but after the ball has been released. To over-pronate as many pitchers have been led to believe is biomechanical nonsense or non-science if you prefer. If you do want to experience pronation to a powerful degree (for example in throwing a 2-seam fastball that tails) then supination before pronation is the key. This I refer to as Power-Pronation whereby one never over-pronates. Check it out for yourself:

When I Pronate - I Don't Pronate - I Power-Pronate

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Who will it be? Mike Marshall’s personal prophet or the Phd of spamming for profit? Which obscure brand of theoretical horse shit will prevail? It’s….riveting!

Neither Mike Marshall nor his prophet threw 95 mph off the mound or a baseball throw of 400 feet at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL (won $500) but I did. BTW: Do you enjoy your SPAM with a side-order of horseshit? Because I would tell you to go with the horseradish. Tejas Jaime.

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I can assure you that you get plenty of smiles from people, just not for the reasons you assume. But hey, let’s bury the hatchet and have an honest open discussion about the merits of your pitching theory…philosophy…whatever you want to call it. How about this……

I will start a thread and we can debate the merits of your approach. I will start with some basic questions ….the when , why and how type of stuff. You answer the questions, we can debate the points, etc…. Ground rules are no name calling, no insults, no butt hurt. At the end, when you have convinced me and everyone who reads the thread in the future what a great thing you have discovered you can post links to all of the stuff you are trying to sell. It will be a great marketing opportunity. You in?

I have no pitching theory. I have physics theory in connection with human biomechanics as it pertains to the swinging, throwing, kicking and hitting of sports-related stuff. All reputable science has a theoretical framework whereby one can make predictions as to potential outcomes based on the parameters entered into the analysis. I’m sure that this doesn’t make any sense to you without or without the hatchet buried in your head.

I conduct research into various throwing and swinging type sports and then I do demonstrations for the education of the public. I don’t tell people what to do, I tell them what I do (based on physics) and it is up to them to give it a try. The good news is that I’m not an average-minded person (typical of sports instruction). But then why would I want to be? You are welcome to invite them and yourself to one of my many demonstrations. My latest was for the USPTA in West Orange, NJ 7/31/2021.

Yet here you sit on LTP flinging poo at every unsuspecting parent or kid that stumbles by looking for a bit of guidance on pitching. No matter their question or concern you blather on about the same crap you have dreamed up yet never implemented in any practical way. Then when challenged on the concept you shrink behind vague references to your former throwing prowess or lash out with juvenile attempts to insult. You are doing no one any good with this unpracticed advice and potentially keeping people from getting actual help with their questions. Why, to feed your own ego?

It’s the same with your half wit twin from the Marshall camp. Let me hurl half a textbook of big words at everyone who ask for advice. This random 12 year old or his mom will have zero chance to understand any of it but “woo boy, look at us….we are so smart we know something that the rest of pitching universe is too dumb to figure out”.

It’s shameful. You both need to find a hobby and a therapist.

Like I said: I’m involved with the Physics of Sports. My work is not intended to please some mental turd like yourself (suffering from cerebral constipation) who never took the time to investigate the world around them: just open hole in side of head and insert crap. George Carlin summarized people like you in his warning to people like me who try to teach important concepts and principles: Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize half of them are stupider that that. In fact, George should have continued this Geometric Progression of Stupidity by saying: And half of them are stupider than that and half of them… Where do you fit in on this downward spiral?

And don’t associate me with pitching instructors (Mike Marshall may he RIP) or their prophets. BTW: One of Mike Marshall’s students learned of my work with Power-Pornation and found that supination followed by pronation is useful to throwing hard without pain at any age: he is 62 years-old throwing 87 mph in senior league baseball.

How have you been making out since this video Jack?

Hey! Thanks for asking. Just committed to a very solid d3 school in Washington. Now it is starting to look a lot better. Definitely was a matter of toning down the effort level to throw hard. Main things are keeping my head still and keeping my shoulders closed. However, mental game is great and misses are a lot closer to the zone.

Thats great to hear. Good luck.

Have you sent this to pitching coaches/head coaches at colleges You want to go to? I’m coming off an injury, and did just that. They will give great feedback. Just got to email more than one. Then that way they are already familiar with you for recruiting. Have you already begun reaching out to coaches?