Jack and Jill ... sort of

Jack and Jill climbed up the hill, and Jack look around.
“Now Jack”, said Jill in a slow cool voice,
trying to calm Jack down.
Pay no attention to the crowd, those jeers and all those nasty calls.
Pay no attention to those silly threats or even those nails spread on the floor of your hotel hall.
Oh, and that little bit of smoke that woke you up at dawn,
if it wasn’t for those burning embers in front of your hotel door, the fire would’ve never been found!
I know that taxi driver, trying to get you here, hit a lot of ruts and bumps,
and I know you were expecting to be at the park, but instead were left at a dump.
So I guess I owe you an explanation, so here it is in full.
This town’s team has never taken us, in fact we’ve always beat them bad.
So they pooled their money together and bought a winner, so they had.
But along came a club with deeper pockets and bought that solid lad.
This town will never forgive us that, and I’m sure it gives them fits.
You see Jack, the pitcher that they wanted so badly – you were it!
Good luck kid.