J-Roc's Log

May 3rd, Rain Out

Read the Title, did some light lifting, sorry, didn’t record it.

May 4th, A Breakthrough

In Spring Training, I was experimenting with my swing to improve it after my pitiful freshman year. Well, seeing how I had gained a healthy respect for hip rotation after reading so much on here, I said What the heck? and applied it to my swing. Whaddya know, my swing became the most powerful on the team. Slowly this power deteriorated because of a mix of listening to my coaches mechanics of, wait for it… LINEAR MECHANICS. I believed that a straight A to B swing was the most effective (and I arrogantly went on a rampage promoting it here throughout the forums as well, I apologize for that). Also, because I just said “what the heck” and didn’t research and fully understand what this did to my swing. Although I’ve hit well to this point, I never felt like my swing was ever that solid, and I began to doubt it over the 2 weeks I had off due to my concussion.

Forward to today, actually, about an hour ago. Reading through this forum, I noticed how “Rotational Hitting” became a big question, so I read through a few articles and put it all together. In a nutshell, I applied ROTATIONAL MECHANICS to my swing when I decided to swing my hips forward that January day. I just took a few first swings and they felt great. I can’t wait to play tomorrow to test it out, and afterwards I’m likely to pitch with my coach again.

For anyone that is interested, this article is wonderful and was posted a few times. Everything in it makes sense, and just clicked in my head:


For a simple compairison, I have a video from just before I got my concussion and a video I just took today (incidentally, wearing the same shirt :lol:)

April 5th, Flailing My Arms:

May 4th, Shooting From My Hip:

It is obvious about where the force is being generated with my bodyin both videos. In the first video, my arms were simply providing all the power by “stabbing,” or were just flinging around my hips. In the second video, you can see that my entire body is contributing to my power. In the second video, you can also see that I’m still a little shaky with the new mechanics and that I’ve adjusted to a 2-hand follow through, and that it will have to cope with my new swing :lol:.

Any mechanical advice on the second video would be appreciated by the way.

Tomorrow I have an away game, a bullpen session and a forecast without rain, so once again, it’s time to shine.