J-Roc's Log

Age: 16
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 175-180
Body Fat: 9-10%
Team: JV
Positions: Starting Rightfield

I am a student athlete, I maintain a 3.5 GPA in advanced and AP classes while playing football (TE and slot receiver) and baseball.

I am one of the bigger and stronger guys on my team and a competent fielder. I have above average speed (no real record available), an extremely fluent swing, above-average power and clutch and good contact hitting. I haven’t had a chance to show off my pitching because I had a bad bullpen session during tryouts (my first time in months) and haven’t thrown off the mound since. I am very quick to recognize flaws in my mechanics (pitching and hitting), and fix them the next day, or even quicker.

I had an awful freshman year that will not be spoken of again, and because of that I came to tryouts this year 35 pounds heavier and more dedicated than ever.

UPDATED Season Stats
Team Record [7 - 7]
3 for 7
3 Walks
3 Hits
1 Doubles
0 Triples
0 Home Runs
2 RBIs
1 Error
Pitching: N/A

UPDATED Lifting Records
Flat Bench: 195
Incline Bench: 135
Decline Bench: 165
Military Press: 105
Squat: 270
Leg Press: 500

Workouts (Push//Pull)

  • Squats//Leg Curls
  • Leg Press//Deadlifts
  • Calf Raises//(need a pull)
  • Back Raises//Russian Twists
  • Incline DB Bench*//Seated Rows
  • Decline DB Bench*//Lateral Bar
  • Flat DB Bench**//Shoulder Raises
  • DB Military Press**//Bent Rows
    *Week 1
    **Week 2

Weekday Workouts:
((Not performed nights before games or bullpen sessions))

  • Concentration Curls//Dumbell Tricep Extensions
  • Dumbell Pushups//Single Rows
  • Bicycles//Tick-Tocks//Straight Arm and Extended Arm/Leg Crunches ((should I still match a push and pull for ab workouts?))

UPDATED 4/08: Pressing exercises will now be done with dumbells, my elbows closer to my ribcage (adducted) and a neutral grip.

Please note that I stretch my upper body extensively during my workouts to prevent rotator cuff injuries. My heavy weekly lifts are to keep me in shape for football conditioning after the season ends. I am cautious about my lifting and will never risk an injury just to get in another rep.

Breakfast: Cereal in Soymilk, Bottle of Propel
Lunch: Varies, Usually a Chicken Salad and a Propel
Snack: Some kind of Chunky Meat/Veggie Soup (I can’t stop loving the stuff)
Dinner: Always a Meat, Vegetable/Fruit and Carb serving
Supplements: Daily Vitamin, Whey Protein (amount depends on Lifting Days and what I ate)

Hit above .350
Hit a Home Run
Pitch a dozen innings and have an ERA under 4
Gain enough muscle to weigh 200 by 2009
Body Fat % of 8 by 2009
Give up all but the occasional Soda, Chips and deserts (almost done already)
((More to Come))

Please give any and all suggestions you have for me. I’ll be posting my workout and game stats as much as possible.

good luck dude, your goals are definitely reachable!

April 5th: Heavy Workout

10 @ 180
10 @ 230
5 @ 250
5 @ 270

Leg Press
10 @ 360
10 @ 410
5 @ 450
2 @ 500 (failure)

Calf Raises
50 @ 360
50 @ 450

Decline Bench
10 @ 115
8 @ 135
6 @ 155
4 @ 165

Incline Bench
10 @ 95
7 @ 115 (failure)
4 @ 135

Lateral Bar
10 @ 136
8 @ 144
6 @ 156
4 @ 168

Seated Row
10 @ 144
8 @ 156
6 @ 168

Shoulder Raises
10 @ 15
10 @ 20

Uptight Rows
10 @ 30
10 @ 35

Glad to see you move into the “hood” (Logs is kinda family…a Facebook or MySpace for pitchers 8) We all kinda look out for each other in here)

With all that conditioning how are you approaching your pitching, other than the heavy work out on the RC? I’d suggest long toss, get yourself working in a baseball athletic movement mode, an outfielder can always manage to get in a long toss session (CaDad is a great resource if you ever have LT questions and he’s great about answering them). I’d also suggest some concentration on agilities.
How often do you throw? I’d also suggest you work in some short term goals to enable you to get on the mound. Are you still working in some pens? Have you talked to your coach about the possibility of him seeing you in a more positive pen?

Setting modest goals is alright…but how about some that put you at the top of the heap…stretch your capabilities…I mean a 4 ERA? You can reach it…but lets just blow on past it :wink: . Very do-able! I’ve read your posts…You believe in yourself…what a great way of thinking. Don’t believe in yourself to be mediocre…believe you should be number one on that staff…then set about doing it.

You’ve got super grades and deserve to be recognized! Keep up the outstanding work…it will only help…never hurt.
I look forward to seeing how you manage…and make this a season you won’t mind talking about at all.

April 6th: Rest Day, Game on Monday, Healing from yesterday’s workout

I have practice everyday during the week that I don’t have games, and sometimes on Saturday mornings. Part of our warmups, along with stretching and running, is long toss, and I try to get as much out of that as possible (my teammates are throwing rainbows while I throw on lines).

I’m going to talk to my coach tomorrow about pitching because a few players have seen my curveball and say that it’s a reason for me to pitch by itself. The reason my pitching goals are so vague is because I just am not concentrating on it at the moment. Once I get a few more bullpen sessions in, you’ll see new ones come up, like K 2 batters for every walk, less than one walk per 3 innings, stuff like that.

Other than that, thank you for the positive reinforcement.

OK how many times have you just hung out and let it rip?
It’s all part of the big scheme to make some legend…Why not let them all see what kind of an arm you have. Most coaches can equate distance to velocity on the fly…you show a few 350’ bee lines and it won’t be such an imposition for the coach to maybe stay after practice and watch a pen. Besides that, it’s FUN to watch peoples jaw drop when you throw a baseball impossibly long distances…specially a younger under-classman such as yourself :lol:
And one more thing…strong is what I heard from puberty on for my son (Who was strong)…keep getting stronger. Just make sure you control it and direct it where it will do you the best. You’ll never go wrong keeping your core and legs as strong and flexable as possible…our approach though has always been whole taco…you condition your entire body including your mind…(Back to those great grades again :wink: but don’t forget baseball smart).

Trust me, I know how much long toss can do for you, I pretty much attribute all of my arm strength to spending 3 days a week at baseball camp during the fall.

Everybody Reading This: I have a few uncertainties with my lifting sessions and workouts on my first post, please offer any suggestions you have.

Thank You in advance.

[quote=“J-Roc”]Everybody Reading This: I have a few uncertainties with my lifting sessions and workouts on my first post, please offer any suggestions you have.

Thank You in advance.[/quote]

The video above stresses the importance of working smart when it comes to weight training.

The video above stresses the importance of working smart when it comes to weight training.[/quote]

Please note that I stretch my upper body extensively during my workouts to prevent rotator cuff injuries. My heavy weekly lifts are to keep me in shape for football conditioning after the season ends. I am cautious about my lifting and will never risk an injury just to get in another rep.[/quote]

Thank you for your concern, but I am very cautious with my weight training as it is. I always allow at least a day (usually 2) of rest after my heavy workout and my light workouts are, well, they’re called light for a reason. I don’t live by “No Pain, No Game,” if I don’t think I can pump that bar up again, guess what, I’m not gonna try. The reason I am asking for fill-ins on my workout is because I’m cautious.

April 7th: Game #2

We won, 7-4, played the entire game in the outfield.
1 for 3
1 Walk
1 Hit
0 Doubles
0 Triples
0 Home Runs
1 Error
Pitching: N/A

1st AB: Swung at first pitch (my philosophy: the first pitch is usually one of the best ones you’ll get, because pitchers always want that first pitch strike), Liner straight up the middle to the outfield (my signature hit). RBI.

2nd AB: Worked into a 2 strike count, pitcher jammed me with an inside fastball, lazy liner to secondbaseman

3rd AB: Strong grounder to short, he bobbled it, I legged out a tie at first, but the ump begged to differ.

4th AB: Walk with bases loaded. Man, I wanted to go 2 for 4 so bad…

I talked to my coach today about getting in a bullpen session and I got a spot for Wednesday, can’t wait.

[quote]Workouts (Push//Pull)
Squats//Leg Curls
Leg Press//(need a pull)
Calf Raises//(need a pull)
Back Raises//Russian Twists
Incline Bench*//Seated Rows
Decline Bench*//Lateral Bar
Flat Bench**//Shoulder Raises
Military Press**//Uptight Rows [/quote]
To match with the leg press, I’d look at either glute ham raises or deadlifts.
Not sure of a pull exercise to match with calf raises.

Some things to look at…
Military press and upright rows are both hard on the shoulder. You run into impingement problems. Pullups and bent rows are much better pull exercises for the back. In terms of pressing, you might want to read what Eric Cressey has to say: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/overhead_athlete.htm

Good luck.

Do something that lets him know you are seriously preparing for it (Whatever you honestly think will show). Talk a catcher into staying so you can do some light form work (It could be worth buying food :wink: ), work on some form drills…anything that lets him know you are determined not to waste his (Your coaches) time. If all that is too late…then be very serious when you get your chance. Don’t try to throw too hard but show him you can hit spots, have a working breaking ball and a change up also. Be respectful and ask if he’s got suggestions after you throw…Always thank your catcher :wink:

Knock em dead!

I read through that article very closely kc, and I thoroughly understood it, thank you for that.

Tomorrow we’re having a former MLB player come in for Varsity and JV (was the Rookie of the Year sometime in the late seventies), so we’ll see if I actually get some time in the 'pen. If not, then I’ll ask my catcher if he wants to go through some basic stuff, possibly take a few pitches with me. We only have about 5 really capable pitchers, so I’m sure my coach is looking forward to me pitching.

April 8th: Game #3
Loss, 4-0

We got no-no’d. On a brighter note, well, not really, Varsity struck out 16 times and got two hits while we struck out 7 times (4 were lookers though…). As for me, if there was ever a good way to go 0-for 2, I did it. I played the entire game in rightfield.

1st AB: Walk.

2nd AB: Strong grounder to short, not sure if he bobbled or not, but I almost beat it out, bang-bang play (we had 5 of those, called out every time).

3rd AB: Last one of the game, deep ball to right for an out after fighting through a 3-2 count.

Pitcher had no control of his fastball, everybody froze or swung through his curves (I fouled them off), just a bad day.

April 9th: Practice

No bullpen today, no chance to get anytime to throw with my catchers. We were supposed to have that 1980 Rookie of the Year come in and teach us some hidden secrets with hitting, but outfielders got fly balls the entire practice… all two and a half hours of it. We needed it and I did good, apparently, one of the coach aides said I did a really great job, but I really wanted to get into the cage and improve my swing.

Most likely bullpen tomorrow, BP scrimmage vs Freshman (they got run-ruled yesterday, the entire school did terrible).

April 15th: Stuck at Home

Just letting everyone know that this post isn’t dead. I’ve been dead sick since Thursday with a bad cold (yeah, it warmed up :lol:). I missed Friday and when I came back on Monday I was met with a little head injury. I was doing light lateral bar pulls in gym (fitness days, they’re a joke) and the chain link broke while I was pulling 100 pounds down… so I now have a half inch gash in the back of my head held closed by two staples. I can’t do heavy running or anything that’ll get sweat or dirt in it until they take em out on Sunday, but they will allow me to play on Saturday (double header).

Out until Monday (at least) with a concussion.

is the concussion from that same incident?


OK, as of Friday the 25th, I am able to perform physical activity at any time (you don’t know how great that really is). I had a little conditioning session with my trainer to try and get my headaches back to see if I actually am back to 100%. It consisted of 3 sets of a mile run, 30 pushups, 30 situps, 30 jumping jacks and 30 supermans. I did perfect, probably broke my old mile record.

Today, Saturday, I plan on heading up to the gym and lifting with some buddies and get on a treadmill for a while. Sunday, I will do a light workout (pushups, situps, etc.) and run for a little while longer at the gym. Monday, my trainer and I will be doing more baseball related conditioning (baserunning, running in the outfield, throwing, etc.), leaving me able to be back to play with my team either Monday or Tuesday.

Roster Updates: 2 guys became ineligible for Varsity (grades) and another got (unfairly) cut. The ace of our staff, and all-around best player got sent up to Varsity because of this. One of JV’s backup outfielders also quit because of playing time. Our roster is now down to 11 players, 4 of which can pitch.

I’m back!!

May 1st, Game

Today I was benched against a team we run ruled on my first day back, and no, I’m not bothered at all. These guys… well, they sucked and we have 7 more games in 8 days so coach wants to keep the starters fresh for the tougher games coming up.

1 AB
1 Walk

Team Wins, 13-2

Record is now 7-7

Tomorrow I am getting that bullpen session that I am now a month due for, and with 11 guys left on the JV roster, and only 4 of them being reliable pitchers, it’s my turn to shine.

May 2nd: Rained Out, Bullpen Session

Today, our game was rained out so the team pretty much had a pep talk after we watched Jimmy V’s 1993 ESPY speech. Funny thing is, I applied that stuff to my life a long time ago, always nice to get a reminder though.

Anyway, I got my bullpen session in with coach after the team left. Being my second time pitching since last summer (when I was a buck fourty five, not a buck eighty, mind you), I didn’t do too bad. Understandably, I had some control problems and some general uneasiness in my windup and stride. On a brighter note, I had a pretty accurate (and quick) fastball when it didn’t slip out of my hand (also note that it was very wet today… very, very wet) and my foot-dropping 1-7 curve that seems to move faster than most. I pretty much have everything down pat because I’ve been studying up on this site, but I just need more chances to pitch so I can get comfortable in my stride.

Coach said Monday, I should be getting another try, and we have a game against a really weak team on Wednesday, so I’m expecting to get a few innings under my belt there (that is, if we don’t run-rule em first).

Tomorrow: BIG Rivalry Game. We may be in a little slump, but we just got a big bat back… me.