Ive noticed that

that usually i throw 4-5 mph faster on flat ground than on the mound. i could see how it could seem to me that i am but its nots just me whose noticing it. its others as well.

i know you really cant tell without video and im workin on that part right now but what would you say be the cuase for this.

stand on one foot and start to lean foward and that sudden " fall" is what i feel when on thye mound and it doesnt feel right.

i think ive narrowed it down to 2 possible cuases.

1.im shifting my weigh either to soon or in a unatural way.
2. my arm is already in the position it needs to be in before landing off the mound becuase on lavel ground its used to being “loaded” by the time of levelness

try tilting your front shoulder high in the air as your hips come out from under you as you get to the top of leg kick. should buy you some time and help with the velocity.

yeah, ive found what i was doing wrong. i was scalp loading as soon as my hands parted opening my front body up way to early

i know now what you mean and i think im gonna try to, when i separate, bring my front arm up a little and bring my back one down a little bit kinda like a “”

and when my hips go out from under me i will tilt foward bring my arms in line with the plate till i open up.