I've had shoulder problems

Forever i have thrown 3/4, and this season I’ve made a purpose of coming over the top to try and ease the stress on the backside of my RC, and its working. I long tossed the entire length of a soccer field then threw BP (relatively soft BP) to about 5 betters, iced things when I came home and my shoulder wasn’t stiff at all. I woke up this morning and no soreness whatsoever.

Generally if I longtoss when I was throwing 3/4, my arm was dead the rest of the day, it would bother me, and the next day was sore as hell. I’ll probably have to relearn my breaking pitches to a degree, but I may be able to start pitching again. Since I got a shoulder impingement I’ve given up on pitching not wanting to injure it further and force surgery. But I feel kinda reborn since I’ve been throwing over the top…feels a little odd but, better than being cut open right?

sounds like me i threw about 60 pitches last week and i pitch 3/4 probably lower then normal but i was experiencing pain in the bicep area and near the elbow and i threw about 10 pitches over the top and it seemed to work better and the breaking ball worked so much better… i think this is a good way to throw atleast i know for me no pain is always the best