It's been discussed but I haven't seen it explained this way

Hello, I know that there have been plenty of topics about elbow pain. I’ve been pitching for about four years but have never had this much pain. I throw a fastball in the low to mid 70s, curveball, slurve, and a change-up. I’m 18 years old and I have elbow pain on the inside of the elbow and on the spot where it flexes. I can never see where the elbow swells so when people ask if there has been swelling, I can never tell them. It started up a few weeks ago. I started pitching one day as a starter, 80 pitches. Then the next day I went out and pitched a little on my own, trying a higher leg lift in my mechanics to see if I gained more velocity and that was when it really started hurting. I stretched properly and everything, but it was all for not. Now in the last few days, it stopped hurting even with those same mechanics so I don’t think it’s the mechanics. I stopped pitching for a whole week with some tossing and it was fine for a while but it started hurting again with some short toss with my friend. I’m checking with my trainer tomorrow but I wanted to know if anyone else might know what’s going on. Thanks for all of your time and I’d really appreciate a reply.

sounds like tendonitis i coudl be wrong though, I did physical therapy for 1 month and it went away, they had me do medicine ball bounces using only my wrist, ultrasound, bengay, bands, and stretches.

it could be tendinitis, but you are gonna get it checked before and more agravation and like jamesh said u could be back in a month

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I didn’t get the chance to check with our trainer today but talked to the football coach about what he has his quarterbacks do whenever they had tendonitis. He said that they just iced it with some Ibuprofein afterwards. I’m just going to use some Motrin and stop throwing for a while until I fully understand what’s going on. Thanks for all of your help!