It's Another Bad Day When::

Your catcher gives you a sign - down and away, to which the first base umpires immediately kicks the dirt and yells …“awhhh man, not another down and away pitch again … he hasn’t gotten a strike with that thing all day!!”

Everybody in the dugout is telling jokes about the pitcher… and you remember a few good one’s yourself … then it dawns on you… “hey wait a minute…I’M THE PITCHER!!!”

Your bus stops and you and your teammates step out looking at swamp. Your bus driver says… " I could’ve sworn this was the place?" As you get back in the bus … you think to yourself … “this guys looks just like the pitching coach I had last year!!” … naahhhhh, what are the odds!

The score is 15 - 0, and you club is now at the plate. As you sit in the dugout you just can’t help but wonder what the other eight innings are going to be like?

You flip the calendar in your locker room to a new month … and on the very first page is printed … STAY HOME!!

As your reading today’s newspaper - you search the horoscope section only to find your sign has been canceled.

After a grueling inning of hecklers, you walk off the mound towards the dugout … and still their on you! As you reach the dugout top step you decide to give them the evil eye … when all of a sudden you notice it’s been your MOM!!

The guy in the batter’s box is ready to enter the record books with this at bat. As you finialize your grip in your glove you notice the ball has something on it … Geessshh! HE’S ALREADY AUTOGRAPHED THE DARN THING!!

Against better judgment you went out to a party last night - a real whirl wind of a grand time — and now you’ve got to pitch. So, you suit up, rub your eyes, stagger to the mound that feels kind of weird and wonder why the catcher is wearing lipstick??? Come to find out your standing on a toilet in the ladies room of the stadium !!

Baseball… is this a great game or what!!

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You always right the funniest post I like the last one the best :lol: :lol:

Our club was the playing a night game, away, and one of the players on the other team was going to challenge a batting record on that club. Everytime the guy would come to the plate the home crowd would go wild and a crack of the bat caulked up another “hit” closer to the record book.

During the eight inning he came to the plate and asked the umpire if he could give the pitcher a new ball - seeing how it was under the lights and some of his teammates were complaining about the ball being dirty. Just then out of the blue – came a ball boy with two hands full of brand new baseballs. So, the HPU picked one - tossed it to our pitcher, then stuffed the others in his pouch.

As our pitchers started to “rub it up”, … he stop’d, brought the ball closer so as to get a better look at it, … and found the batter had signed it. So, he tossed it back and asked for another one – all the while watching the batter standing in the box with a big smile on his face.

So, he got another ball and AGAIN… the guy’s autograph was on this one to!!!

What the guy did before getting up to bat was, he autographed every ball in the box! And before our pitcher started to ask for another ball … the batter shouted out to him… " come-on and pitch it !!! Tomorrow night you can autograph the next dozen!" I wish I had a camera that night. Our ace on the mound, who was a real smart mouth at times … was lost for words… twice! Once when he was put on the spot with the autographed ball… and a second time when he watched his best stuff clear the left field wall.

ouch thats gotta feel bad


If i heard an ump say that, i’d be like “excuse me?”