It's a wrap!

Well, my son graduated from high school yesterday. I started following this forum a long time ago and used it as guidance throughout my son’s high school years. He will be playing at the D1 level next year and we are very proud of him. Having been through the ups and downs of the past four years, I thought I would share some things I’ve learned:

  1. Grades matter
  2. SAT or ACT scores matter
  3. Showcases matter, but only if you are in shape and prepared. You want the second glance, not the first.
  4. Velocity matters. PERIOD. Coaches will come see you pitch but only if they see the gun light up. Sorry, but it’s true.
  5. How you look and carry yourself is critical. Ever watch a D1 team on the field? That’s what you should look like.
  6. Play hard and have some fun, it will be over before you know it.

Best of luck and I’ll be around…I love this place!

It’s why I always tell folks…record every second you can…even if it means paying a friend of your son’s so you don’t have to be the one doing it instead of watching.

I know the feelings you are feeling right now 8)

Please stay when you can and share the wisdom of those years with us.

Very Best Regards,



Yes, 1 and 2 are true in all cases, but the rest only matter to those who feel they must play at the highest phase of the next level. Not every player has those kinds of aspirations, and to them, all it means is skill doesn’t really matter. That’s a great message to send.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see playing D1 baseball as the epitome of baseball success. I love to see a kid in HS helping his team win, even though no scouts bother to watch him, and think its far more laudable than someone getting chosen because their dad could afford to send him to lots of showcases, pay for lots of private coaching, or because he happens to have the physical characteristics scouts look for.

To be sure kids who do make it to the highest phases of the next level are to be congratulated, but in my mind the little kid who couldn’t break a pane of glass with his best FB, but goes out and works his ass off for the team deserves as much if not more credit for his efforts.

The best of luck to your son.

 Not every kid that makes it to the D1 level has had parents who afforded him all the opportunities of showcases, private coaches, etc. 
Yes, I will agree that every kid that contributes to a team's success deserves credit, but, why would you attempt to demonize a kid who makes it to D1, has the physical attributes, works their asses off year in and year out, with or without private coaching.

For a lot of these kids playing D1 baseball is the epitome of their success or a very good stepping stone to reach their ultimate goal of playing pro ball. No, playing D1 is not necessary to play pro ball, but like it or not that's the goal for many HS players.

Gettingthere, Kudos to your son. Here's to his hard work and dedication to the game. By the way, good list, 1-6

Wow Score that seemed confrontational for a fella just wistfully watching things end…how about some charity for the guy :reallyconfused:

I think you’ve been there and had opportunity to express how it was without someone grumping up the thread…I didn’t see him saying any “aboslutes” or preaching injurious or incorrect dogma.

Yow curdled milk in the Wheaties or what?

You can’t spend oneself into Division 1 Baseball. That kind of talent is latent and bound to emerge no matter what pitiful attempts we make at enhancing it.

If a player is comfortable with the D2, D3 or JUCO, NAIA level…then that player is not trying to condemn the D1 experience. Making oneself feel better by engineering a condemnation of their position is misguided justification. Keeping score should be reserved for compiling baseball statistics.

Gettingthere has every right to be proud of his son’s accomplishments.

There was a guy I worked with… His dad was a fireman in the City of Pittsburgh. There was no pause between what he thought and what he said. The station commander at our barracks had a thing for one of the secretaries. My buddy was just a boot but he took her out and they had a thing going. Next thing you know he was catching a really bad schedule with back to backs and triple headers. That’s when you work 3-11 back out 7-3 the next day and then that night go in and work 11-7. Then you work seven midnights in a row.

Anyway, my buddy went in to the Lieutenant’s Office and straight out told him he was getting a bad schedule because he was dating the secretary. He said to the LT, “You know what, it’s just sour grapes baby!”

First and foremost, congratulations, Dad. I’m sure your family made a huge commitment and you should be bursting with pride to see that pay-off.

Your point on velocity is true. Watched a couple of 18U tournament games this weekend and all the scouts were interested were the kids who were obviously throwing hard. To my untrained eye, it was obvious who threw harder and who didn’t.

Agree, this place is great!