It's a Bad Day When::

You know when it’s going to be a bad day when:::::

As you leave the bullpen the crowd behind you starts singing.
“we’ll all gather by the river…….the beautiful, beautiful river…”
“your backstop asks if you want a blindfold or a cigarette?”
You take the mound as a reliever and your coach keeps referring to you
in the past tense!
The scoreboard operator signals the chief umpire that their just about out
of numbers.
Your joker of a catcher visits you on the mound and gets the notion to give
you a cup check… and you’re not wearing one.
When :::[/color]
One of your teammates from the dugout makes a mound visit and you ask
where’s the coach? To which he answers “ Oh, he wanted to get to the
package store before it closes!”
Your catcher walks out to you on the mound and gives you a ball and says,
“the ump says try not to lose this one –ok?”

Coach B.

Haha I’d like an umpire that is humorous.

I’ve done the cup check thing our coach was trying to act seriously but i noticed he couldn’t help but laugh in the dug-out

that was very funny coach!